Top Gaming Franchises that Need to Die

All these franchise at one point were blockbuster hits, all received critical acclaim at one point, and all have continually released new entries. With no end in sight, when will publishers finally kill off there once critically acclaimed franchises?

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is considered to be one of the greatest shooter franchises ever created. The series started going downhill with the release of Medal of Honor on next gen consoles. Airborne was supposed to be the next big World War II shooter, but ended up being one of the most disappointing games of 2007. With the rise of modern shooter in the last 5 years, Medal of Honor decided to jump on the bandwagon and make their own modern military shooter. The mediocre Medal of Honor was released in 2010. The game was plagued with a boring cliche story and standard Battlefield multiplayer. The latest release in the series, Warfighter, is an unbearable mess. The game feels rushed, has a horrible AI, and cliche multiplayer. The only solution to end the already tarnished reputation of the series is to end it all together. I will happily remember storming the beaches on D-Day and hopefully forget the painful memories of its modern counterpart.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Nobody quite understands how Sonic games are still being made after his glory days on the Sega Genesis. The game has recently had a few mediocre titles, but for the most part is suffering from a serious lack of innovation. The Sonic franchise has turned into a money grab for Sega to milk the parents of small children. With the last true Sonic game released in 2010, the series doesn’t look in good shape. Sega will most likely not give up their flagship franchise any time soon.

Need for Speed

The franchise once known for custom cars and illegal street racing, has turned into crash fest for 12 year olds. My once favorite franchise of all time needs to go away. The last entry into to the franchise that was actually enjoyed by myself and many others is Need for Speed Carbon. Carbon was released in 2006, almost 7 years ago. The franchise releases a new entry every year, with each year getting progressively worse. The latest entry, Most Wanted, has left out what made the franchise most fun, customization. No longer can you add giant spoilers, custom body kits, tribal paint vinyls, etc. What we got instead was a game were you can have cool crashes. Who cares about that? We want our true Need for Speed back. If EA can not deliver a true Need for Speed experience, please let the franchise die and rest in peace.

Final Fantasy

Everyone can agree that Final Fantasy is not what it used to be. The last acclaimed entry into the series is believed by many to be Final Fantasy X. Square Enix constantly refuses to listen to its fans about what should and should not be made. The latest “release” was originally released in 2010. The game was panned due to the broken state of the game and numerous bugs. Square Enix can bring the series back to its roots if it decides to listen to its fans. While we are on the topic, why did Square Enix decide kill off the Kingdom Hearts franchise and let the Final Fantasy series run itself downhill? Square Enix better start listening to its fans or the Final Fantasy series will eventually die off.

James Bond 007

When will the publishers of the James Bond franchise take a hint and stop riding on the success of Goldeneye on Nintendo 64? There have literally been no decent releases since the release of Nightfire in 2002. With the last good title released over 10 years ago ,on the last generation of consoles, the franchise is in no good shape. The latest releases of 007, have been shameless money grabs using the James Bond name. There truly is no hope for the franchise, unless it decides to release a true remake of Goldeneye. I want the series to stop making poor Call of Duty clones and try to make something original. If the publishers can not do this, I wish the franchise will die.

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