Assassins Creed III DLC Packs Now Available for the Wii U

Ubisoft is taking ‘revolutionary’ to a new level by the announcement of the Nintendo Wii U getting Assassins Creed III DLC. The first two released downloadable content packs are available on the Wii U. Now Wii U fans of this critically acclaimed title will be able to get their hands on The Hidden Secrets and The Battle Hardened DLC through the Nintendo eShop.

In this DLC gamers will receive the Hidden Secrets which adds three missions. These missions will be worth at least an extra hour of game play and will include the Lost Mayan Ruins, Dangerous Secret and Ghost of War. With the completion of each mission players will get rewarded with in-game weapons. With the download of this the Hidden Secrets DLC players can also expect to receive two single player costumes as well as two multiplayer characters. Dress in the Captain of the Aquila uniform of cover up with the Colonial Assassin outfit with these exclusive costumes. In multiplayer those who purchase this DLC will be able to play as a deadly Sharpshooter or the feared Redcoat.

The Battle Hardened pack is geared toward multiplayer. This DLC mainly focuses on characters and maps. Three new characters will be unlocked with the purchase of this DLC; the Governor, Coyote Man and the Highlander. The Battle Hardened will bring the multiplayer revolution to Charlestown, Fort St-Mathieu and Saint Pierre.

These two DLC packs have already been available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. Wii U might be last but its definitely not least. Get your hands on The Hidden Secrets DLC at $4.99 or The Battle Hardened at $9.99 for your Wii U console.

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