Best Supporting characters from the Legend of Zelda

Best Supporting characters from the Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda has been around for sometime now, allowing Nintendo to create some of the best characters known in any kind of fictional world.  From faeries, Zoras, Gorons and Dragons the LoZ has a variety of different character types.  Yet it isn’t only the gameplay that makes all of these games special.  It is the way the amount of characters differ from each other, and no we aren’t talking about Tingle either… *shivers.  We are talking about, an awesome badass cast of supporting characters that needed only one small role in the Zelda franchise to make a lasting impression.

Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora Gaebora

For most people Kaepora Gaebora is well a nuisance in the Zelda franchise.  One of the reasons is that his directions are long and tedious, not to mention at the end of his lectures in Ocarina of Time he will ask you if you want him to repeat himself.  And oddly enough the default highlighted option is YES rather than NO.  Leaving many impatient gamers to get stuck talking with Kaepora Gaebora on more than one occasion.  But this character is more than that, as looks can be deceiving Hoot, Hoot!

First off, his words of wisdom are entertaining and goofy as the owl flips his head over and “Hoots” during every other word.  His head flipping is also seen visually in his name with the letters p and b being total opposites of each other.  In other games such as the Skyward Sword Zelda’s father has the name Gaebora and continues the owls legacy by saying “Hoot” at the end of his conversations.  Also called the owl in some games such as Links Awakening, all Zelda fans however should know that this character is actually more than just an owl.  He is the mentor for the young Hylian hero Link, and helps the Hero of Time become a legend.

Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman

One of the more silly characters in the Zelda franchise, has to be the Happy Mask Salesman.  After all it is implied that this character comes from the moon, he plays on a piano that appears from out of no where.  Not to mention that he gets angry at Link for not returning the money for a mask in OoT and promptly kicks him out of his store.

Yet the most notably in Majora’s Mask, which the masks play a vital role in the game.  See’s the mask salesman starts shaking Link violently for not retrieving the mask from the Skull Kid.  The Happy Mask Salesman is seen throwing a tantrum throughout the game for not retrieving the mask and well for us gamers we love seeing this guy throw a fit especially when we see that devilish grin of his.  The Happy Salesman is oddly enough not as happy as one would expect.  If not for this charcter aiding Deku Link, the Hero of Time never would have become a Hylian again, and would’ve seen Termina destroyed.

BowWow/Chain Chomps

Bow Wow

Not to be confused with Lil Bow Wow and his Mickey Mouse chain.  Madam Meowmeow is the proud owner of many Chain Chomps in Mabe Village.  Chain Chomps, which are dog like creatures that bark.  BowWow is the most famous of her chain chomp companions.  BowWow from the Link’s Awakening game is notorious for helping players get to the Grotto Groove by eating everything in sight.  More notably the flowers that block you from the entrance of the dungeon.

However the Chain Chomps from the Zelda franchise are taken straight out of a Mario game.  Their first appearance was in the Link to the past game as enemies that take a large amount of health away from Link.  They are also indestructible leaving us gamers to have to avoid them at all costs.  If not for BowWow, Link would’ve been stuck in limbo and would have lost his mind thanks to the Wind Fish.


Agahim aka Ganon

One of my personal favorites in the Zelda franchise, the evil wizard Agahnim.  This wizard was the main antagonist of the SNES Zelda game, A Link to the Past.  In which, the 7 maidens were captured in order to bring back the thief turned pig monster Ganon.  Before the game begins Agahnim assumes the throne of Hyrule after murdering the king and putting the soldiers of Hyrule into a Hypnosis state.

It is later revealed in that Agahnim is actually the alter ego of Ganon.  This character is the precursor to the infamous character Ganondorf, the prince of thieves.  Who also happens to be the main villain in the Zelda franchise Ganon aka pig face.

Old Man/Wise Man

Old Man/Wise Man

We have now come full circle in a sense as it has been revealed that Kaebora Gaebora is actually Rauru the Light Sage.  You may notice the similarities between both characters as far as the color scheme is concerned as well as the eye brows both characters have.  Just note that Rauru can’t flip his head 180 degrees like that Owl that wants to repeat himself all the time.

In the original NES Zelda titles, the old wise men help Link throughout his adventures as well.  In the original title the first cave you enter, you are greeted by an old man who gives Link as well as gamers their very first sword.  Stating “It’s Dangerous to go alone Take This.”  In the sequel title Link’s Adventure, the main task is to learn magic spells from wise men from different towns.  They are all hidden in secret basements of a house throughout each game and give Link spells such as turning into a fairy, jumping higher and taking less damage.  Of course there are many other wise men from other games throughout the franchise.

While the Zelda franchise has numerous characters throughout the universe of the many Zelda titles.  We feel that these have had the most impact on our adventurer along the way of his journey.  Of course Impa, Ganondorf, Zelda, Sheik and the King of Hyrule could have been added to the list however these characters are more like main characters rather than supporting characters.

Whats your favorite supporting character in the Zelda franchise sound off below!


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