Dragon Quest X 1.2 Update Highlights

As the Dragon Quest X Wii U Beta draws near in February, let's look back at some of the things the DQX 1.2 update has to offer. Mind, this is a Japan only beta and there is still no announcement for an overseas release, but with the Wii U version on its way, the outlook seems very promising.

Dragon Quest X

Magic Warrior and Superstar Vocations

Armamentalist/Luminary Vocations Dragon Quest X

The first and probably biggest change is the inclusion of two new vocations: The “Magic Warrior” and the “Superstar”, also known in the West as the “Armamentalist” and “Luminary” respectively. The Armamentalists proved to be a great supporting character in Dragon Quest IX with its “Fource” ability, allowing for significantly more damage to monsters and Bosses weak to a certain type of element, such as Fire, Frost, Light, and Dark, thus making Armamentalists a great asset when in came to Boss Battles. The Luminaries on the other hand play a more distracting role, grabbing attention and blinding enemies with their good looks and natural charm. Luminaries can also learn Kaswooshle to attack groups of enemies for high damage and even use midheal for health support. In Dragon Quest IX, Luminaries were able to learn Disco Stew, a dance so full of awesomeness, it damages all enemies on screen for a large amount of damage.

Level Cap Increased

DQX Level Cap Dragon Quest X

Maximum level that can be reached, or level cap, has been increased from 55 to 60.

New Monster Incarnations


As is the trend of having new monsters in every Dragon Quest game, so are new incarnations of existing monsters, which are mostly depicted as recolors. The number of new incarnations is not known, as it is up to the player to find out.

Magic Labyrinth

labyrinth_magic Dragon Quest X

The Magic Labyrinth is a new system in Dragon Quest X similar to the grotto system from Dragon Quest IX. However, instead of maps, magic keys are used to gain access. Other differences include being able to see the labyrinth map from the start, the number of floors are always 4, and all enemies must be defeated before going on to the next floor. If you’re lucky, you may find a hidden floor with a treasure, metal slime or even something else. There will always be a boss in the end and the boss is determined by whatever the team’s level averages out to.

There are plenty more features that were added in the 1.2 update, like carpentry, sewing, furniture production, and a lottery, as well as improved graphics, animation, and overall performance. But enough chatting, here is the Dragon Quest X 1.2 trailer in all its wondrous glory and experience some of the excitement for yourselves.

[youtube id=”X_JsBeRPgtw” width=”600″ height=”355″]

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