Final Fantasy Versus XIII could have an identity crisis!?

I’ve been using my Sherlock Phoenix powers to try to bring you guys everything that has been even whispered about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and today I cast haste once again and get you guys up to speed.. bad pun fine I’m not Horatio from CSI: Miami but continue reading. The much anticipated would be an understatement to how badly we as gamers and Final Fantasy fans have been wanting this game but something tells me this long of a hiatus could call for a possible name change for the new Final Fantasy title? Square Enix can very well be on the path to making the game, but lets say that some changes were made and due tot he long wait they would like to call it something else instead?



Tentative title?! You saw that right?! Looks like I can be right and someone in Square Enix can be wanting to change the name of the game. Since the team has been working so hard on Final Fantasy XIV the Versus team has dust and tumbleweed in the offices. Another fact this wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix changed the name of the game they made and let alone Final Fantasy, remember Final Fantasy Agito XIII was changed to Final Fantasy Type-0 I rest my Materia on the table. With the name changes or anything else that comes out regarding this game it’s good to know they haven’t forgotten about us fans and soon all will be answered, in the mean time I have some name suggestions for the game if it changes:

  1. Final Fantasy: Type-1
  2. Final Fantasy Versus 13 vs Kingdom Hearts 3 the long wait
  3. Final Fantasy Versus 13 the E3 gem Thanos took for the Infinity Gauntlet
  4. Final Fantasy XV


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