4 Things in the Gaming Industry That Have Turned Their Backs on Their Fans

Don’t we all get frustrated when we have a favorite game or publisher or even console that doesn’t quite live up to our expectations? It can feel like we got slapped in the face for throwing our money down on something isn’t what it was perceived to be or did not match what was presented to us in the past. When a game gets popular it is because of the fans, it is because what we were shown was something we enjoyed which is why fans come back to buy next installments of games or the next big console. There have been a few major things in the gaming industry that has made their fan base feel betrayed by a company’s actions; leaving gamers upset around the world. Out of the handful of reasons to feel upset by a certain game some have abandoned everything they made themselves to be, abandoned their fans to get a step ahead with money. When thinking about getting ‘thrown under the bus’ we are sure a few choice names in the gaming industry come to mind but which ones are the most deceiving?

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third

With the way fans reacted to Saints Row 2 it’s no wonder why so many fans awaited Saints Row: The Third. Saints Row 2 was a game that followed what was given in the first Saints Row game and expanded on what the fans loved in the game. Saints Row 2 had humor in a way that was unique and not as straight forward as every person might not catch every joke. There was something clever about the game that just made people want to play. The multiplayer mode even had an audience of diehard fans that spent hours of their day just proving that they were the ‘King of Kingpin’. When it comes time and fans get their hands on Saints Row: The Third, that cool gangster feel had been thrown out the window for cheesy comedy. The whole game was based around being ‘over the top’ and it placed itself as so unrealistic that players were chasing down oversized clones and zombies instead of getting revenge on something they felt passionate about. The game made a joke of itself, gained new fans in the process by throwing what their original fans loved completely out the window; they didn’t even bother to make a multiplayer mode as their fans truly loved in the past. Saints Row 2 was a game that people felt a connection to and Saints Row: The Third just sold itself out to what would make them the most money. Following the story they had created, making it and enjoyably violent experience and keeping the game funny and real is gone for extra cash. Hopefully the old fans will be recognized next time and they make something that stayed true to themselves in the next game but if that’s not where the moneys at they won’t. A true fan base to what was created from the start no longer matters to Volition; they have cheesy non-pleasant comedy to keep them company along with some crisp dollar bills.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Although Tomb Raider is yet to release it has been made pretty apparent that the game will be like none of the others in the series which is already turning their backs on their fans. Lara Croft is no longer crafty and her more average look doesn’t match what fans have grown to love. What Square Enix has done to such an iconic character is like stepping on anyone and everyone that has ever looked up to her as a strong female in gaming. Lara used to be headstrong and brave in situations and although this is a prequel to her other adventures it is as if she is a totally different person. While the trailers and screenshots for the upcoming release still look amazing there is nothing classic to Tomb Raider about the game. Fans of the Tomb Raider series have waited years to get their hands on another Tomb Raider game, expecting puzzle solving and cool moves but instead they are being presented with dramatics and story. There is nothing wrong with a dramatic story-driven game but there is something wrong with taking a series and changing it so much that fans can’t even get the same feel from it. The game doesn’t give off that Tomb Raider vibe. Maybe fans would have been more accepting to a new explorer stuck in such unfortunate situations than the beloved Lara. Who would of thought after playing through some young Lara flashbacks in previous Tomb Raider games that her young self was actually a much lesser attractive, feeble female that needs her hand held by the player the entire game. Rest in peace Tomb Raider, there will most likely never be a game that feels classic to Tomb Raider again.



Wii would like to know why Nintendo turned their backs on hardcore gamers for so many years. After the Nintendo Wii was released it was pretty clear that Nintendo had motives of gaining a casual audience rather than sticking with the fans that loved the company for so many years. Gaming turned to being a competitive time of relaxation to swinging your arm aimlessly around a room and calling it ‘gaming’. Not only did the control appeal to a casual crowd but the games were no different. Wii Sports, countless dancing games and other things to get the player active were the primary ways to advertise the Wii. What Nintendo offered for a hardcore audience was a step back from even the Nintendo 64, a 2D experience with Mario running from one side of the screen to the next. That was a step back but something that the Wii relied on for sales… unfortunately. This was something that was so far behind what a hardcore audience wanted that any gamer who purchased a Wii left it gathering dust. There had just never been a game for the console that kept a hardcore gamers attention although so many Nintendo fans just wanted an actual game with some of their favorite iconic characters. Nintendo has tried to fix things with the Wii U but many gamers are still skeptical about if they can truly get a gaming experience on the console. Most will wait to see if they will release something more like Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with the pro controller or if they will stick with the Super Mario Bros U 2D style with touch screen capabilities. There is potential it’s just a matter on how Nintendo will act on that potential.

Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts cracks the top of our list for one main reason, starting the trend of the online pass code. This company was so hungry for every penny out of player’s wallets they attempt to put a restriction on the players who buy their games used. No, EA is not the only company to take advantage of the online pass code system but they have defiantly started this never ending trend. There is an online pass code restricting areas of a game to the player who has actually purchased the game on most all of the current and upcoming EA titles. Right away people can see the downside to this system, no more used games without paying extra, no more trading games with friends and forget it if you are someone who plays on multiple different consoles or profiles. There was a time where expiration date was even a problem when it came to EA games. This company has done anything and everything they can do to make sure the players are paying the maximum amount for each game, that way the already rich publishers swimming in pools of money will have even more cash. Talk about feeling betrayed…

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  1. DarthDiggler // January 11, 2013 at 5:30 pm // Reply

    Can we please as a people QUIT THE PROFIT BASHING!

    Everything that isn’t a public service paid for by taxpayers (with no choice mind you) is run by profits. Profits are generated by the voluntary exchange of goods and services. There is nothing wrong with profits.

    If you don’t like the changes they made in the game so be it, make a case for that, but don’t immediately blame the changes on profits alone. They could had played it safe and just made Saints Row 2.5 instead they decided to amp up the humor and make the game more silly. How do you know they didn’t have feedback from the fans that sparked that change? The fact is you don’t.

    You don’t think they were motivated by profits when they made SR1 and SR2? Companies have to be motivated by profits, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

  2. Why we are talking about things throwing away fans how about TMNT? When was the last time there was a good game of that franchise? Cause I can still play TMNT 2, 3, or 4 and have fun.

    THAT needs a REboot and NOT from Michael Bay w/ Aliens.

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