The Biggest let Down of 2012 is?

The world hasn’t ended, apparently being a let down to some who were ready for the mayan apocalypse.  But for gamers their worlds have been going through an apocalypse long before the end of the Mayan calendar.  With tarnished images of their beloved franchise’s and new IP’s thanks to the these games.  You may be surprised who we find to be the biggest let down in 2012.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Declassified on the PS Vita was a mind blowing idea.  Sadly for us COD whores, the idea was never fully realized.  The glass wasn’t even half way full when it comes to the gameplay.  The story mode can be beaten in literally 45 minutes by COD veterans/addicts.  Everything about the game seems second, third, even fourth rate.  Lining up headshots on enemies, just to be blocked by an invisible barrier.  Multiplayer is a joke as finding a game can take up to several minutes just to find a match.  When a match has been found you are prone to being kicked out of the lobby.  Activision sent nStigate Games on a mission to release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Declassified for a rushed product and it shows.  Let’s just hope we don’t see this become a yearly release like the rest of the COD franchise.

The War Z

The War Z

Let’s face it the War Z is a blatant rip off of the famous mod DayZ.  The game was advertised as a complete FPS Zombie MMO yet the game plays like a Beta, or even an Alpha on its best day.  Zombies dancing in circles, those damn micro transactions the War Z doesn’t get anything right.  When you die in the game no real indication is given on what to do next other than just look at the terrible looking zombies eat your body.  And no they aren’t terrible because the graphics are so good, they are terrible because the graphics are horrendous.  Muddied textures abound in the game, we all have seen Gamecube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox games that look exponentially better.  No wonder why this game was literally for sale on Steam for less than 24 hours.

Ruining the image of Resident Evil

Resident Evil Ruined

Resident Evil has come a long way since its debut for the original PlayStation.  The franchise that defined survival horror and gameplay that makes us wet our pants while all the lights are on in the house.  Yet 2012 marked the year of SH*T for the franchise.  It all started off with the spin off dubbed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (RE: ORC).  Based in the original outbreak of Raccoon City the game had a lot of hype and promise.  First off it was a 3rd person shooter which made the game more accessible for those who hate the controls of the past Resident Evil titles.  However it fails miserably especially when talking about the AI in which a house pet would do better at playing the game.  The game had a pretty awesome Co-op feature but with the bland level design, lack of puzzles (because puzzles should be in Resident Evil) and clunky controls leave this game with more to be desired.

Resident Evil 6 was what everyone was hoping for a game that can finally tackle all the fanboys and haters out their with one lick from a licker.  Sadly the game creates a mess by having three different campaigns not including the Ada Wong bonus campaign.  The setting in the university is done right for Leon Kennedy’s campaign, but for everyone else’s it feels forced and more like Capcom had too much ambition for the project.  The controls in the previous numbered entries are like that for a reason.  To bring the player into a state of helplessness and feel like they are a part of the game.  In other words, Resident Evil 6 totally abandons this approach and gives the “haters” what they want.  BIG ACTION set pieces with the characters feeling like badasses that just end up back firing in the process.  While not being totally a worthless game, it does do one thing that is a concern to the industry.

Capcom Ruining Capcom

Let's Ruin Capcom

Capcom gave Resident Evil an Identity Crisis since now gamers don’t know whether this is a survival horror game, an action game or a bargain bin game.  Yep that just was said, it is sad too seeing that Capcom is in a lot of trouble.  In fact rather than having Resident Evil be on the list Capcom should be on this list with lack of support of MegaMan even though he is celebrating his 25th year.  The horrible idea of DLC that is on the disk that the consumer has to pay for.  As well as the 4 different game versions to come out in the last year for the same game.  Don’t know what I’m talking about *cough* MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3.

With two new games from Capcom on the way being released this month.  We certainly hope they get it right.  Because let’s face it the ship has been sinking at Capcom for over a year now and we need some more Monster Hunter, MegaMans, and True Resident Evil Survivor Horror.


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