5 Reasons To Be Excited For Gears of War: Judgment

The next installment to the Gears of War franchise is releasing this year and with enthusiasm it is presenting players with new elements to the series. This game is definitely a game to look forward to if you are a fan of the series. Gears of War: Judgment brings players a new experience with a prequel to the game that first stole their hearts as well as new experiences for online multiplayer. Releasing March 19th of 2013, this third-person shooter should be a game every Xbox 360 fan keeps an eye on. Overall the emotion fans have toward the game is positive, however, this game seems to have generated a bit less attention that the Gears of War titles before it. With that being said, we are asking ourselves why the lesser amount of anticipation has been placed on this game that looks to be just as promising as all the others in the franchise. Gears of War: Judgment is being underestimated; this game will give players the experience they can only expect to get from a Gears game.

If you sit, skeptical about Gears of War: Judgment take a look at some of the reasons we think that this game will hold just as much promise than the other games in the popular series.

Single player is a prequel

Gears of War: Judgment

A creative door has opened for the development team because Gears of War: Judgment is not just another game added to the series but it is a prequel to what was witnessed in the first Gears of War title. This should be exciting news to any fan for a few good reasons. First off there will be questions about the entire series that can be answered because it is a look on what happened previous to what the players know. There have always been slight mysteries around some elements of the story as well as character background and Gears of War: Judgment has the opportunity to help clarify some of the things the fans have always wondered. Things like bring characters back from the dead as it is previous to anything anyone has witnessed is a new door that is opened; not that it is certain they will use it. Taking the game and placing it before the events that we know in a different branch of the story with both familiar and unfamiliar characters will bring a refreshing turn to the series as a whole.

New Characters

Gears of War Judgment single player characters

Gears of War: Judgment will not only bring back Baird and Cole but it will have a bunch of new characters too. Of course this is expected and predictable but characters are something Gears has always excelled in. Judgment will be missing some familiar faces which in turn, will help players get to know the remaining characters better. With that being said new characters will bring new experiences to the game as well as new emotion and feeling from the players. Two of the most important new characters are Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk. Sofia is a by-the-book kind of girl who helps serve the COG in a couple of different ways. As a former journalist she was disgusted by the things she witnessed and joined in the battle against the Locust army after Emergence Day. While training she was interrupted by the Locust attack on Halvo Bay and forced to fight alongside Kilo squad. Garron is driven by revenge and another experienced member of Kilo squad. Both of these characters will accompany Baird and Cole throughout Gears of War: Judgment’s single player campaign. New character may not be a surprise to anyone but the way these characters are being applied is something to look forward to. In the normal setting of a Gear of War game there are a group of four people fending off the Locust hoard, Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird; now two major characters are being sort of replaced in a weird way with these two new characters to get to know. As much as we will miss hearing of Marcus and Dom players should make room to enjoy the new ones.


Gears of War Free for All

Multiplayer is taking a new turn in Gears of War: Judgment by adding a new-to-the-series mode, Free-For-All. Free-For-All is commonly seen throughout gaming yet it is brand new for the Gears of War series. Gears of War has always hosted some very competitive team game modes that kept a large audience hooked. Now with Free-For-All that competitive feeling will be multiplied by ten. Gear of War is gruesome, violent and fast-paced so plotting a lobby of players all against each other will end up with limbs being torn off, bodies being sawed in half and a whole lot of blood. Doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster at all… more of a recipe of complete carnage and slaughter that players can’t wait to get their hands on. It’s about time Gears of War picks up on a Free-For-All game mode. This mode will bring new life into multiplayer, it’s a familiar thought but new to the series that sits perfectly with the unruly crowd who love the franchise. Gears of War: Judgment is bringing something that has always been desired to the franchise which is a breath of fresh air.

Overrun mode

Gears of War Overrun

To run alongside of Free-For-All Gears of War: Judgment is also offering another new multiplayer mode called Overrun. This mode mirrors some of what was brought to players with hoard and beast mode but it’s different. In Overrun players control both the COG and the Locust side with the goal of either defending or destroying a generator. The COG’s job is to protect this generator while each character has different perks and abilities to aid the team in defending the objective. Each character will be used to do something different to aid their team to victory which takes the attention away from whoever kills the most. The Locusts job is to break down fortifications to destroy a generator. The player will be able to choose from different Locust creatures to control to help them destroy the objective dependent on the amount of points they hold. This is the first time that players will be plotted against other players while being able to choose from such a variety of Locust creatures. It is a creative take on a classic feeling Gears of War multiplayer that takes the attention away from solely killing but maintaining a specific violence that players expect to be there. This mode perfect fits the series while bring new elements that seem like they should have been there all along.

New direction for series

Gears of War Judgment

The final thing that every Gears of War fan should be excited about when it comes to Judgment is the new direction the series is being taken. While Gears of War is a huge game, what they are doing with Judgment is making sure that the feeling players have gotten with previous game won’t go stale. They aren’t just adding to the war in the same way that their previous game had but they are taking characters players already know and building off of the love that gamers already have for them. Gears of War is not finished but only just beginning because of the door Judgment opens up for Gears games to come. With a prequel set around Baird and Cole one could expect to see Marcus and Dom again in the future, maybe even a return of a favored Carmine brother. There are things that can still be done with the series that won’t seem old and that won’t get old because of the direction Gears of War: Judgment is leading the series. Thank you, Epic Games and People Can Fly, for keeping this beloved game alive and fresh.

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