You Know You’re A Call of Duty Fan When…

Call of Duty is one of those games that the industry will never forget. After years and years of releasing annual great content is has grown to be one of the largest video games of all time. All types of players have fallen in love with this game. Call of Duty is truly an icon. The single player portion of the game kept players on the edge of their seats while multiplayer kept players hooked in its own way. The games have grown each year presenting new mode options and other additions to the game. The title Call of Duty has become a household game, keeping players lives in its grasp. The system of leveling up, the dramatic story scenes and the amount of playability with friends is nearly unstoppable. Call of Duty has even set the stage with a standard that other games in the industry are forced to meet and try to beat. With that being said, there of course is a large fan base to this game. But how do you tell if you are truly a COD fan? You know you’re a Call of Duty fan when…

…after the annual release you still get excited for the next game.

… you cringe at the site of gasoline and the smell of a cigar.

…waves and waves of zombies have haunted your dreams.

… you have told yourself “Even I could have done that faster” when you don’t score Veteran in the pit.

… when word was out about Call of Duty XP, you knew a little part of you would die if you didn’t go.

… when you are home alone and her a sound in the distance you can’t help but whisper to yourself “Stay frosty”.

… you are skeptical to jump in any aircraft, they always crash.

… it is a feeling like no other when you reach you maximum kill/ score streak.

… you are truly able to express yourself with shapes when making an emblem.

… when your match ends and you appear on that kill cam you feel like you had 15 seconds of fame… or shame.

… you have gotten goose bumps or maybe even a little teary eyed when you first laid eyes on the announcement trailer of the year.

… looking through your stats and seeing how many days you have played multiplayer isn’t something to be ashamed of… or is it?

… you find the most isolated spot on the map to set your carepackage and a teammate steals it; the game becomes more about hating that one teammate than winning against your true opponents.

… when you are in public and see something you want to avoid you tell those around you, “flank left.”

… the term ‘camper’ does not mean camping out in the woods.

… you have at least one multiplayer match that you have told all your close friends about because you feel you did something really cool/ rare.

… the preference in Infinity Ward or Treyarch got a lot harder once Black Ops was released.

… you feel like you have a deeper connection with the game than the millions of other players who have it.

… a smile is etched across your face when “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones plays on the radio.

…Spec Op missions were like another game within Modern Warfare 2/3; as if story and multiplayer weren’t enough to keep to playing.

… you have joined/created a clan just for Call of Duty and that clan is serious business.

… getting the special edition of the each game was a must; who doesn’t want a copy of soaps handbook and a real life version of a carepackage?

… when choosing a bandana, you did pick the one with a skull on the bottom.

… you see the opportunity for a knife kill and every bone in your body tells you to take it, even if it risks your life to take that chance.

… you hope that when you get old you’ll be just as cool as Sgt. Woods.

… spending countless hours trying to find intel is worth the suspense in finding out more about the plot.

… you get that ‘oh sh*t’ feeling when a juggernaut turns the corner.

… you have a favorite KIA character that you convince yourself isn’t dead; no matter how they went out… maybe you even looked it up on the internet.

… you have voted up for Nuketown even when your lobby instructs you otherwise; nobody has to know.

… you feel the need to brag about the wave you got on zombies with such few people and how easy you know you can do it again even if you know it’s impossible.

… dogs, you hate dogs.

… you want to leave a comment below of what defines you as a Call of Duty fan.

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