Pokemon X and Y Announced

Pokemon x and y starters

Nintendo announced today that Pokemon X  and Y will be the newest entries into the main Pokémon series.

This is the first in the series that has been made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and the first time the main Pokemon series will be played in 3D. Pokémon X and Y will be the début of the new generation 6 Pokemon. Pokemon from previous generations will appear in the game also.

The three new starter Pokemon were announced as well. Their types will remain classic to Pokemon, Grass, Fire and Water. It is unknown at the moment, as to rather or not they will have sub-types. The three new starters are Chespin which appears to be the grass-type, Fennekin the fire-type and Froakie the water-type. These are the only 6th generation Pokemon that have been shown so far.

Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide October 2013.

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