Valve Teams Up With XI3 To Bring Steam To Your Living Room

It has been rumored for many a trade show but we now finally have a confirmation: Steam is invading your Entertainment System. Valve, the creators behind the PC distribution software Steam, have partnered with hardware manufacturer Xi3 to create a small scale PC designed to be used in conjunction with Televisions, rather than monitors.

After Steam was recently updated with the Big Picture Mode, which allows users to browse their Steam library using a game controller, it seemed to only be a matter of time until we arrived at this announcement. Sure, it’s totally possible to hook any PC to your big screen TV and play your Steam games, but that comes with certain limitations: currently, you need a keyboard and mouse to navigate from Windows to Steam, and you also need them to install games. Hopefully this box will alleviate some of those problems.

The device is described as being, “uniquely shaped” and “grapefruit-sized”, but no images are currently available. Specs are still as of yet undisclosed.

More details will be made available later this week at the CES tradeshow, where the device will be showcased at Valve’s booth.

Source: Press Release

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