Dragon Quest VII’s Stone Trading Feature Goes Wifi

"Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden" is an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS and is scheduled for release on February 07, 2013 in Japan. There is no expected release date outside Japan, but the game's online feature is certainly pointing towards a Western release.

Dragon Quest VII

Stone trading is a new feature in Dragon Quest VII that allows players to exchange Stones via Streetpass to other DQVII players. These Stones give players access to new dungeons and special scenes, and can be originally acquired by sending a 3-monster party into caves and looting Treasure Chests. The big surprise though is that there is this village dubbed Immigrant City, where players can build their own town from the ground up, reminiscent to that of the Immigrant Town from the Dragon Quest IV remake on the Nintendo DS. You can build a Tombola, a Casino, and a Tavern, with the latter being the highlight of it all. In this here Tavern, players get to send their Stones to the vast and intricate world of the internet to trade with others online instead of using the streetpass feature. Honestly, this can be seen as a tell-tale sign that this game might be coming to the states.

Dragon Quest VII

Considering the success that was Dragon Quest IX’s streetpass map trading feature in Japan, there really is no need for an online trading mode in Dragon Quest VII. This online feature seems like it’s targeting those regions where it is quite difficult to streetpass a 3DS owner, let alone someone playing a DQ game. Needless to say, map trading in Dragon Quest IX outside Japan was a failure for the most part and if another DQ game is to be released outside Japan, it would do well to have some sort of online connectivity. After all, the Dragon Quest series is all but popular in the West, and limiting the game with only streetpass trading would hinder the progress Nintendo has made to make the series more prominent and accessible.

Haven’t seen or heard much of Dragon Quest VII? You can watch the Japanese trailer here from the developer’s Youtube channel. Embedding has been disabled for this video so I am forced to link you guys.

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