5 Best Achievement/ Trophy Lists of 2012

Gamers have grown to love Xbox’s achievement system, as well as, PlayStations trophy system. These two reward systems make playing your favorite all the more enjoyable by adding a way to show off your ‘skills’ to your friends. These little rewards are addictive and can even add extra play time to some of your favorite titles. Getting achievements or trophies has become so popular that people try and collect as many as they can. It just adds a little something extra to accomplish, a little side challenge to what was already made with the game… what’s there not to love? The year 2012 had some great lists put together of how players can earn these rewards. Out of the great releases of the year which of them had the best achievement/ trophy lists of the year?

If you’re favorite list doesn’t appear on our list share your thoughts in the comment box below. Achievement/ trophy hunters around the world should know the game the offer the most enjoyable lists so that they can take part in the fun too!

Lollipop Chainsaw

achievement 1

With Lollipop Chainsaw get ready to hack and slash your way to some great achievements/ trophies. The game focuses on a zombie killing cheerleader named Juliette Starling. She makes her way through stages helping her zombie hunting family and trying to bring order back into the world. The game itself is straight forward and oddly a bit addictive and fun for the players but what really stands out is the achievement/ trophy list. In this game there are no ‘missable’ achievements meaning you only have to play the game once to get them but you will most likely be required to mop some up in level select and replay levels to get marked on the leaderboard. A lot of the achievements can be obtained by simply completing the game but to complete the list you will need to take a more extensive look into the game. This game is slightly skilled based when it comes to nabbing those points/ medals but nothing anyone can’t handle. The around 20 hours to complete the list will come as an enjoying time spent if you enjoy the game. What we love about Lollipop Chainsaw’s achievement/ trophy list is that the player has to work for the points if they want the full set, but it’s not work that can be boosted with friends or that is impossible. This game handled their reward system very well, so if it’s not the attractive Juliette Starling that drew your attention to this game let the achievement/ trophy list be what catches your eye.

Sleeping Dogs

achievement 2

Sleeping Dogs was inspired by an old Hollywood action thriller. As fun as the game is, the achievement and trophy list are just as much of a ‘thrill’ as the game.  Open world games tend to make those addictive lists that players find nearly irresistible, Sleeping Dogs being no different. Take the role as an undercover cop, Wei Shin, in the city of Hong Kong to reveal some of these exciting achievements/ trophies. Playing through the game to get some of these achievements can be time consuming but well worth it for the experience. The majority of the time spent trying to grasp some of these will be in completing the main aspects of the story which will prove to be an enjoyable experience. Aside from the main plotline, players will have to collect collectables and mop up some odd balls by replaying missions. This game is different from a lot on the shelf by the fighting style and dramatic story but it also gives players the chance to really work to get some achievements without making the experience of trying to get the reward tedious. Sleeping Dogs is a very well rounded game that not only deserves praise for its exciting story but for its well rounded achievement/ trophy list.

Hitman: Absolution

achievement 3

Get ready to become a silent assassin because Hitman: Absolution presents players with a great experience when it comes to achievements and trophies. In the game the player will take control of a professional assassin by the name of Agent 47. 47 is undergoing a much more personal journey than in previous games but the title still meets the needs of classic Hitman fans. The achievement/ trophy list on the game is straight forward but slightly challenging which is exactly why we love it. Difficulty matters when it comes to getting your hands on achievements and trophies and the difficulty of Hitman: Absolution comes in a way that feels so cool if you do the mission correctly. So beating the single player portion of the game will provide for a healthy amount of rewards but the new contracts mode also holds its fair share of achievements/ trophies. The contracts mode is a new and amazing experience to the Hitman series as it is sort of like multiplayer but not. You compete against personally made contracts made by the community in order to add money to your account. Making the contracts and completing them is nearly as fun as the rest of the game. The best part about this mode with rewards is they can be slightly boosted by separate accounts or by your friends… if that’s the route you wish to take (not recommended as it takes away from the experience).

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has the most straight forward achievement and trophy list of 2012 but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable than the points/ medals that players have to work hard for. The game is so amazing in itself that the rewards and how you get them really doesn’t matter. The player will take part in a dramatic real feeling journey with a group of people trying to survive the apocalypse. The achievements and trophies come naturally when certain areas of the game are passed so that none of them end up being missable along the dramatic journey. The player is able to get the points simply by completing the game which makes for a great experience for achievements and trophy hunters. You don’t have to worry about stepping out of your way to do something out of the ordinary to get a reward, nor do you have to worry about missing anything that was used to get the reward because everything will come naturally. It’s a rare experience to have achievements or trophies come so easily with a modern game so The Walking Dead’s achievement and trophy system should be cherished.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 has got to have the best achievement and trophy list of the year. This game has so much for the player to do in such an orderly way that the game is just made that much better because of the way players earn their rewards. As everyone has probably heard the single player portion of the game is nothing short of amazing; there are points that go along with completing missions which is always nice but also points for doing things in the open world aspect of the game. Getting these points is like working toward 100 percent completion of the game while doing odd things around the island. None of them are too hard and none are too easy but a perfect mix of exactly what players would want to do in the game despite a reward system. This game has an obtainable complete reward system list with effort and love for the game. There are achievements also attached to completing the cooperative portion of the story line so getting involved with achievement/ trophy hunting with friends is also a pleasant experience. Far Cry 3 can arguably be named game of the century with what it has presented to players and its reward system walks hand in hand with the greatness of the game as a whole.

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