DMC Sex scenes explains the Demon birds AND the Angel bees

My original thought upon hearing there is a sex scene in DMC I automatically thought what’s the big deal it’s probably those “Lost Sparda Sex Tapes” The underworld had its concerns and seeing how Dante and Vergil were conceived would explain a lot about Eva. Just when you guys thought the controversy surrounding DMC couldn’t have protected the Death Star i have some… wall banging news for you.. all puns intended. In the latest DMC me and gamersbliss have reported you A LOT but now something else has been brought to my attention and it’s startling to some and hilarious to me and others, DMC has a sex scene in it! OMG throw a tantrum and rant to anyone who’ll ignore you because the game has a sex scene with a demon being.. rocked like the hurricane.

Personally this issue has never affected games or any thing along those lines whether it be comics, movies or anime even. Mundus gets it on with a demon whore succubus.. big deal! He’s a sick, sadistic, psychotic demon lord whose to say he can’t get his fair share of the loving once in a while. And in recent media sometimes to portray a characters absolute madness sometimes them having sex in the weirdest ways is necessary to shine the light on how messed up they are.. remember what The Governor does to his dead daughters head?! Do we not know he’s an insane bad ass? I rest my case.

Whether its God of War and were out bed rocking topless Olympian women until the red orbs come out, or Mass Effect where I can bang an alien chick whose to say what the sex scene does to the game if it leaves you a mark on character development then i say go for it if it helps madness, now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to sip on some Hot Coffee.

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