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Amelia Talon Gamer’s Gamer Girl for the month of January is the beautiful Amelia Talon! Amelia Talon is a model with a passion for gaming. One of her greatest accomplishments as a model is becoming Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for June 2012. She has been gaming ever since she can remember with Pokemon being one of her all time favorites. She is also a huge fan of Star Wars.

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Name: Amelia Talon
Age: 22
Contact: @AmeliaTalon
Occupation: Professional model What was your first console and first game?
The game that popped my cherry was the original Zelda on Nintendo. I fell in love and continued to play Nintendo games until Sony’s Playstation showed up and swept me away further into the obsession. How long have you been gaming?
I can’t say how long I’ve been gaming, but it was ever since I could really remember. You can thank my lovely mother, a gamer chick before it was cool, that hooked me up. What is your favorite game of all time?
Favorite game of all time has to be Pokemon. I will never lose that exciting fun and adventure I experienced the very first time I played it. The game style is classic and you’re always learning new things and facing new challenges. It is no easy child’s game.

Amelia Talon playmate What platforms do you play on?
I have Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and PC platforms that I enjoy playing on. I have to play favorites with PC, especially after I built an ultimate gaming machine, it’s my baby. What is your favorite genre?
It will always be RPG. I love diving into a fantasy world, playing the hero and saving the world. The inner uber geek wishes I were a wizard in real life. What is your biggest accomplishment in gaming?
Not trying to impress anyone and fully enjoying what makes me happy. Especially with the “games and nerds are cool” bandwagon, trolls have the mission to destroy all gamer girls. I am just proud to represent all the women in this field. What other hobbies do you have besides gaming?
I love to be outdoors, I like to stay fit and active, so I do whatever I can from tennis to hiking. I have to keep things interesting and it’s a good break from sitting in a chair in front of my computer turning into slush. Amelia Talon playmate Do you Cosplay?What is the best costume that you have done? Is there any costume that you would like to do or have planned coming up?
You know, I have always been dying inside to cosplay but have never had the real opportunity, or skills, to do so. I did purchase a gunner Yuna costume for Halloween this year! I am currently learning how to make armor pieces out of wonderflex for something World of Warcraft-y. Tell me about some of your modeling achievements.
One of the biggest achievements so far is being blessed with Playmate status. I am Playboy’s Miss June 2012 and I was able to talk about my inner nerd in my interview as well as posing with an xbox and accessories in my pictorial, it was fabulous! Would you ever date a gamer?
The real question is would I ever date a non-gamer and the answer would be no. I can only imagine me murdering my date if I died on Hardcore mode in Diablo 3 while he was trying to be all romantic and got in my way. I totally need someone on my level and therefore must be a gamer as well. There’s nothing sexier than helping collect the raptor hatchling I have been dying for in WoW.

Amelia Talon playmate Is there any video game character that you have a secret crush on?
For a long time I had the biggest crush on Seymour from FFX. I don’t know what it was about him to be honest, but I was smitten. What is the most fun experience you ever had playing a game?
Pssh, I have fun experiences every single time I played games, there’s never a time where I don’t enjoy it and have a blast, I mean that’s the whole purpose of playing. I do have to say that playing Black Ops zombies with my close friends is ridiculously addicting. Do you play online? If so, are you all of a sudden seeing any extreme chivalry from guy gamers even though they do not know you, or is it the opposite?
I do play online, WoW, Diablo3 and CoD are the main games that I do. I see both sides, men being super nice and others who are trolls who tell me I need to go back to the kitchen, haha. I have to note there is also a third party, the creeps, you know, the kind that literally want to sex you up and get on cam with you in trade of helping you with a raid, it’s yuck.

 Amelia Talon slave leia What is the hardest game you have ever played?
Hmm, good question, each game I’ve played has a decent amount of challenge to it. I would have to say Deadspace personally. Just because there are no clues on what to do in certain puzzle scenarios and there’s no room for mistake(you mess up, you die) and also facing some of the most grotesque and frightening monsters in gaming history. Have you attended any video game events?
Unfortunately I have not. I had the opportunity to attend E3 this year but I was on a job which sucked! Next year, I promise. How many hours per week do you spend gaming?
Oh god, all of my free time. I almost have no real life except when there’s special occaisons and when my friends are in town. I just moved to Orange County from Washington state recently, so that contributes to shutting myself in. I’m not a total loser all the time, I swear. Do your friends know that you’re a gamer?
Of course they do, because they game with me! I am totally immersed into the gaming lifestyle, there’s no secrets. Do you collect video game memorabilia? If so what is your favorite piece?
I am not much of a collector, I spend all of the money that would go into that into games, console, and accessories, it’s better that way.

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Amelia Talon playmate

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