3 Best Games Of 2012 To Buy With A PSN Gift Card

Since the Holiday season has mostly come to a close we were thinking some of our readers might have been gifted a PSN gift card. PSN holds some great exclusive content and games that only PS3 gamers can get a hold of. With this great exclusive content come a bunch of great games available to download over PlayStation Network. One thing is for sure, if you got your hands on a PSN gift card this holiday season you won’t be let down because PlayStation knows how to deliver great content for their gamers.

If you are confused about what you might want to use your PSN gift card on or aren’t interested in any DLC from 2012’s hottest games then read our list below about what we would purchase with a PlayStation Network gift card.

PSN Guardians of Middle-earth

Guardians of Middle-earth:

Not too long ago Warner Bros Entertainment presented players with one of the most inivative downloadable games to date featuring the greatest epic fantasy of all time, Guardians of Middle- earth. This game sets players straight in the center of middle- earth where gamers will battle against one another in an online multiplayer battle arena. This OMBA title allows players to take their favorite guardians, pair them with the most unlikely alliances and battle them against an opposing team in attempts to take out the enemy base. Guardians of Middle- earth is something so unexpected for consoles and yet it works perfectly in the hands of a consoles gamer. While games like this are usually stricken to PC this game makes a huge mark on the gaming industry by allowing that experience so many PC gamers are used to and bringing it to the hands of a console gamer.

One of the things we like most about this game is how much there is to it for it being only a downloadable title. There is customization, leveling up and detailed leaderboards just like retail games except Guardians of Middle- earth almost seems like it offers more. This game is perfect for a competitive multiplayer game and could easily be a standalone retail title if a single player portion was added. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings or enjoyed the newly released film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey then gather up a group of friends to download and play Guardians of Middle- earth, you will not be let down.

PSN Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan:

There is nothing unfinished about The Unfinished Swan even if it appears that way from the start. Taking the role of a little boy who has lost his mother, the player will experience a gaming experience of a life time for a messily payment of $14.99. In this game the poor child, named Monroe, will take the players on a unique journey as he chases the last possession he owns of his mother, a painting of a swan. He is in a world of unfinished portraits where he must chase this swan through a variety of puzzles. The only word to describe this game is different. It is as emotional as it is puzzling and the best part is each and every player will take something different away from the game.

The Unfinished Swan fulfills the need for gamers to solve puzzles with an extensive take on getting through a video game. With death not being a punishment to the player, gamers are able to take risks to try and solve puzzles without feeling punished by the game. The puzzles are just hard enough to make a player think but not too hard to where they can accomplish. If you haven’t already gave Unfinished Swan a shot now is the time because this is a unique little game that no PlayStation player should miss out on.

PSN Journey


If you have not yet got your hands on one of this critically acclaimed title and have that PSN card now is the time to download. Journey is an emotional adventure that no gamer on PlayStation 3 should let pass them by. This game allows players to control a strange robbed creature in the setting of a vast desert. Journey instantly shows the player meaning by showing this little figure, how small one person is in the large world is instantly portrayed to the player. The sense of smallness and wonder is the fundamental of forming a connection to other players without speaking to them or seeing their name provides one of the most moving experiences anyone could get while gaming. While most games are about killing or conquering this game is about making connections, communicating through voiceless actions and working together.

The main goal to the game is simple but yet so complicated. Getting through it with other players can provide players with one of the most unique experiences one could get while gaming. Journey is exclusive to the PS3 and a large hit among a vast variety of gamers. This is a game that will pull emotion out of you even if you don’t exactly understand why; you will form connections like you never imagined. With all the wonder surrounding the game, there’s no wonder in why so many people enjoy the game. The experience you get with Journey is more than just a game but an experience of a lifetime. If you haven’t yet tried it out we just have one question for you; what are you waiting for?

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