5 Games to get Players in the Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of the year again. The time of joy, happiness, family and presents. Christmas time is one of the happiest time of the year and there are some games out there that try to get into the spirit just like people. Although you should be spending time with your loved ones on the holiday, if you get some free time you might want to pop in a game or too if you haven’t already opened up some gaming gifts already. Christmas is all about love but can be showed off with fancy decorated trees, lights, presents and of course the big man himself Santa Clause. If you’re hoping to eyeball some of these festivities in virtual worlds then you might want to take some time to remember some games from the past.

Take a look at our list of games that feature different aspects of Christmas. If you know of a game that you have seen Christmas festivities in that did not appear on our list take the time to spread your knowledge and joy in the comment box below the post. Let’s see how big of a list we can get going for games that feature parts of this wonderful holiday. On behave of the GamersBliss team; we would like to wish everyone, which ever holiday you celebrate, the happiest of holidays and a very nice New Year!

Call of Duty 4 Christmas

Modern Warfare/ Black Ops II

These games in the Call of Duty series might not be on the top of player’s minds when thinking about games to get you in the holiday spirit. In 2007 a patch hit Call of Duty 4 for the PC that not only fixed bullet accuracy but it decorated the multiplayer map, Crush, with festive Christmas decoration. This holiday beauty almost made players want to sing in harmony around the crooked Christmas tree held standing by a string of lights rather than shoot people in the face… almost was the key word in that sentence. Either way players were able to experience one of their favorite maps decorated all pretty in celebration of Christmas!

Also, Black Ops II does feature a mini Christmas part in the campaign portion of the game. Woods and Mason will be seen going to a house all decorated for Christmas before starting their mission. A couple will be fighting inside but the player can hear Christmas jingles and see Christmas lights and a light up snowman in the yard. It might not be the best of games to completely put a player in the Christmas mood but thought we should mention it while we were talking about Call of Duty.

Hitman: Blood Money Christmas

Hitman: Blood Money

Who would have ever guessed that killing a drunk Santa Clause to steal his outfit on a mountain escape full of attractive women would ever put anyone in the mood for Christmas? Hitman: Blood Money features a level where the player can actually kill a drunk imposter of Santa Clause to steal his clothes in order to aid his attempts to complete an assassination on a few selected targets. Not only can you control Agent 47 in the suit of Saint Nicholas but the girls around the level are in bikini Christmas attire and there is a tree with presents under it that can be seen. Killing Santa Clause might save you a spot on the naughty list but at least Hitman: Blood Money dedicates an entire level around a lot of people’s favorite holiday.

Bully Christmas

Bully/ Bully Scholarship Edition

Bully is an extremely fun game and a game I can easily say is one of my favorites of all time. This games story goes about a school year and as time progresses it makes it through a lot of different holidays. Once December hits the school is covered in snow and the games actually does feature Christmas day. The main character, Jimmy, is stuck at this boarding school and is called over the loud speaker to come to the office to pick up his Christmas gift. When he opens the gift from his mother it is a hideous and embarrassing reindeer sweater. Once the sweater is on, kids around school will tease you and push you around. Bully truly gets in the spirit with the entire town decorated and the gifting of the sweater this part of the game would get anyone in the spirit of the season. Bully goes as far as to let the player take pictures of children while the sit on a homeless drunken Santa’s lap and beat down elves in the town square, does it get any more Christmas than that?

Gears of War 3 Christmas

Gears of War 3

Gears of War is no stranger to putting on events for the different holidays scattered throughout the year. Once again they are doing the 12 days of Gearsmas! This year they are doing 12 days of giveaways and some special additions to the game. Gears is truly getting in the gift getting season with having a giveaway a day all related to Gears of War. Fans are able to get quick information of these giveaways through the Gears of War twitter feed. One of our personal favorite Gearsmas celebrations has to be replacing the multiplayer characters heads with the heads of snowman! The Gears of War team always does a fantastic job of bringing players together to celebrate any of the large holidays, so if you are ever wanting to get in the spirit of a holiday going by then remember to always keep an eye out for whatever Gears of War has going on.

Banjo Kazooie Freezeezy Peak

Banjo Kazooie

This one might be an old choice but it still has to be the best game out there to celebrate this time of the year. With an entire level titled Freezeezy Peak, Banjo and Kazooie adventure through the snow to try and kind 10 more missing jiggy pieces. There is a huge Christmas tree, and even large snowman and polar bears. Everything besides Santa Clause himself can literally be seen in this level of Banjo Kazooie that celebrates Christmas. Aid the Christmas lights to the tree without letting them be eaten or fly to the top of the snowman, getting these puzzle pieces will be a blast at this time of the year. Banjo Kazooie is a Nintendo 64 classic made by Rare games but can be downloaded over the Xbox Live Arcade on your Xbox 360. The entire game is a blast, especially this level at this time of the year!

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