3 Call of Duty Scenes that can Discriminate and Label Gamers as “Monsters”

3 Scenes from Call of Duty that can Label gamers as

In the recent current events, the United States politicians and media would rather point the finger than find a solution.  Sadly for us gamers the finger will be thrown in our direction.  As if we are serial killers of some sort, by passing the “innocent before proven guilty” verdict.  Gamers are judged by the contents of one page of code rather than the complete set of code that creates a title.  This is unfair to an industry that has become the staple of cutting edge entertainment, just because some high paid fancy pants can’t use tax dollars correctly to help the true individuals in need.  This in turn is a pre-emptive strike, below are 3 scenes that can be used to DISCRIMINATE against GAMERS and label us as monsters.

Death by Deagle/Suicide


Gamers would be utterly frightened by the end of this scene.  You play as Yasir Al-Fulani the president of an unknown Middle Eastern country.  Throughtout the final moments of this characters life you are able to freely look around and experience the sights of a country in conflict.  With troops lining up civilians and executing them, to a man hiding in a trash can.  It is everything you could ever expect from a compelling scene from a box office blockbuster.  Quickly things take a turn for the worst as you reach your final destination.  Guards slam a rifle butt into your face,  leaving you dazed and confused not understanding the full scope of the events around you.  Tied to a pole and locking eyes with a golden Desert Eagle given to the commander known as Khaled Al-Asad by a man with one arm.  “This is how it begins!” Khaled Al-Asad then takes the gun and points it directly at the gamers face and promptly pulls the trigger.  Not to be out done a scene in the later part of the game finds the son of Imran Zakhaev, Victor Zakhaev trapped on the roof by the S.A.S. instead of going quietly he ends his life with a calamity of lead.  We are sure players didn’t expect this at all.

Shhh! No Russian…


Perhaps the most controversial on this list, No Russian isn’t a scene for the faint of heart.  This optional mission directly puts you into the role of a terrorist who in actuality is a CIA agent.  However, undercover agent Joseph Allen must do anything and everything possible to stay in league with Vladimir Makarov.  The terrorist cell brings LMG’s to Zakhaev Airport in Russia, if you read the first paragraph you might know who the airport is named after.  The players then are forced to watch as innocent civilians are fired upon by the terrorists.  If the gamer is in the role of Joseph Allen they might even empty a clip into the civilians themselves, yet nothing is more shocking than seeing some of the civies react to the events taking place.  From dragging bodies of their loved ones to running in fear as they see you coming.  This mission is disturbing and a little uncalled for, yet I can think of 100’s of more disturbing footage in numerous movies.  This mission is totally optional and does not directly impact the story.  No Russian is actually a scene to keep the player in line with the story and understand why the countries are going to war.

Look at the birds

Look at the birds daddy!

Not the best scene you want to see in a video game after the events that occurred in the Connecticut elementary school.  Yet it has to be on this list, enter the unamed father recording his family on vacation.  A cute little girl and her mother gaze upon one of the many sights to see in London.  The little one dancing and frolicking around to commenting on a gathering of birds.  Then a truck with the interesting logo “charity worldwide” pulls up and stops violently on the corner.  With in seconds the digital family are the victims of an act of war against the United Kingdom.

Some how scenes like these in video games are being used to discriminate against the community of gamers by both television News stations as well as Politicians in the United States and across the globe.  As such gamers should not be labeled as monsters, we are just a generation which has taken a liking to a new form of entertainment.  As long as this industry continues to strive and create material, so will the true “monsters” who would rather point the finger at a form of advanced entertainment.  The political fiasco needs to stop and it is up to us as gamers to both educate and stand up for ourselves as a community.  Gamers are not monsters.  The true monsters are the individuals that do nothing but point the fingers, this includes all of the gunmen that have taken the lives from our community.  It hurts knowing that some of those that have died in the shooting last week were just becoming a part of the gaming community.

Please if you have any form of resentment, if your upset because some one cut you off, or even if you feel under appreciated and bullied, talk to family member, a friend or blow some steam by doing something that makes you happy.  Doing nothing will only result in something worse than what is bothering you.  Good luck.

If that doesn’t help here are some links that will help you out.  (this will take you to a bunch of numbers that could help you out)


Finally if you don’t have a friend to talk to, make one.



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