2012’s Top 3 ‘False Advertisements’ in Gaming

When a person thinks of the terminology “false advertising” a few things might come to mind. A false advertisement can be something that is promoted in a way to make people want to own that said item but once it is in their possession, what they envisioned it would be might not be what the item actually is. For example, when someone buys a burger at a fast food restaurant it probably doesn’t look the same as it did in the picture… or the same can go for an online dating website… What you see might not be what you get.

In the case of gaming, players can judge how good a game looks by various ways of promoting. Trailers, Screenshots and other press releases aid in the sale of specific titles along with TV commercials, billboards and other means of publicity. Of course, when any company is advertising anything the ultimate goal is to get the consumer to buy the product, so the elements they use to advertise the item will be the very best reasons to buy or what is thought to get the people to want to purchase. There are a few games that have come out this year that have used footage or other aspects of the game that may not have been exactly how things turned out to be upon release. Despite every title being guilty of some sort of phony marketing, these games take it a step farther than the rest in neither a positive or negative way. In this circumstance specifically, false advertisement it is neither a good nor a bad thing; but it is something for the player to decide.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw:

When players got their first information on WB Entertainment’s Lollipop Chainsaw one of the only things that came to mind was, quite honestly, sex. The main character of this title was a very attractive high school cheerleader in revealing outfits. Players immediately wanted to see more of just that character so they continued advertising the game with promotions based on Juliet’s stunningly good looks and sexy attitude. While few players were actually interested about anything the game had to hold besides the fact that Juliet was so good looking, when the game actually came out the attitude changed completely.

Although one of the main attractions to this game was the young attractive cheerleader, her looks may not have matched her attitude. Players expected her to make the sexual remarks to go along with her banging body but instead they were presented with an oddly childish behavior. Juliet was a cookie cutter example of a high school cheerleader; or at least the stereotypical one, but her appearances made people think that she would present herself in a sexual way which she didn’t. Throughout the entire game she made childish remarks, almost making the player feel creepy for finding her attractive; in a way she could grow on the player as a “little sister” figure instead of the sexual icon she was advertised to be. On top of the odd feeling her attitude came across, the game wasn’t that bad. People automatically thought that game would suck because of the forced advertisements of Juliet’s appearance but in reality it could be pretty enjoyable to get through. When Lollipop Chainsaw was advertised players thought they weren’t getting a game but maybe a playable porn but what they got was a cute young girl staring in her own zombie game that was actually sort of addicting after a while.

FalseAd 3

Far Cry 3:

Being one of the largest games of the year, it can be assumed the advertisements had a lot to do with sales. With the many trailers and other ways of promoting players figured this game was going to be one of the most ‘out there’ and insane titles to date. Every time a trailer for the game was some very exciting scenes took over the players mind. The expectations of drugs and violence were some of the only things that kept players acing to get their hands on this title. This game was presented in a manner that made it seem linear in a way, straight forward, mission based and jammed packed full of thrilling moments that was sure to set any player on the edge of their seats.

As soon as Far Cry 3 hit the shelves players started to realize that in ways they got a whole lot more game play than the bargained for but possibly a lack in story elements. While some people thought they would be upset with the ‘change’ in the game play of this series, it turns out the game is open world and packed full of things to do besides the story missions. When some players bought the game for the way the story was portrayed through advertising, they learned that the exciting moments were there but not as often as it would appear on trailers; not to mention the fact that most of the very exciting parts were shown prelaunch as ways to promote the game. Where they advertised the story to be the main reason to purchase the game, it turns out that the game play might be that much more addicting then the story is anyway, although the story still presents a good tale. With so many customization options and the way you can upgrade things, it’s a wonder why Ubisoft skipped out on showing more advertisements featuring more game play aspects of Far Cry 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

When it comes to the new Call of Duty game of the year players should already know what to basically expect. With Black Ops II things were a little bit different. The way to was portrayed was futuristic for the first time in the series. The futuristic things like four legged tanks, drone and unrealistic weapons players had never seen before was the primary way to show off what was next for the Call of Duty series. Some gamers were excited for the changes in the series while other wondered why change something that isn’t broken.

When the game was released players found out that there was much more to the game then the futuristic weapons but it was a combination between the past and present that made the game worth playing. Call of Duty: Black Ops II was far more than just futuristic weapons but the combination of past and present. In the story player got to find out unanswered questions that they feared would not get answered because of the change in setting. The weapons were an added feature to the game to make it more enjoyable but not the biggest part of the game. The issue with Call of Duty is that there is hardly a new way they could advertise it so they greatly relied on the one thing that was hugely different, no matter what a small role that actually played in the actual game. When players got their hands on this title it wasn’t all about drowns and impractical means of war but it seemed plausible in to what the players can expect in the real future.

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