Game Over Videogames

While recently in Austin, Texas, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Game Over Videogames, a store that specializes in classic games and gaming products that are no longer produced or harder to find. They don’t employ just anyone either. The staff definitely knows their stuff. Manager of the South Austin location, Davide Muggia, and the other employees have thorough knowledge of what they carry and are happy to just talk games for a bit.

Looking at the walls and cases of games, you’ll see titles for a wide variety of classic consoles, including Atari, NES, SNES and Nintendo 64, to name only a few. I was happy to see a copy of Final Fantasy VII that actually worked (I got ripped off on eBay once, so I’m a little bitter). Unfortunately, they didn’t have the game I was looking for (Super Metroid – someone had just bought it), but Muggia informed me that they get new titles in all the time. He checked their other locations too, just to be sure.

Game Over Games - SNES Case

They have much more than games though; the store carries the older consoles too. It can be hard to find something like an NES or Nintendo 64 in good condition nowadays, but they’ve got ‘em! They even showed me a Gameboy Micro, which was fully functional and the graphics looked great! And hey – they have a Dreamcast too, if that’s your thing.

As a special feature unique to the South Austin location, the store has an art gallery dedicated to gaming, and, in true Austin style, all pieces are made by local artists. There’s a variety of wall art, including a solid Mega Man. They even had some necklaces modeled after classic game cartridges, and I couldn’t resist the one with Zelda – A Link to the Past.

Game Over Games - Gallery

Besides the electronics and the art, the store carries other types of merchandise and accessories too. It just so happens that my wallet had broken the day before, so I was quick to invest in a new one as soon as I saw this:

Game Over Games - Zelda wallet

It carries more Rupees than I have, unfortunately.

So if you’re a fan of classic games and find yourself in Texas, make sure you drop by one of their locations in Austin, South Austin, San Marcos, Round Rock, San Antonio or Houston. You might be surprised at what you can find. Can’t make it to Texas? Check out their website at or any of their Facebook pages. They have a huge selection of products online, including gaming news and events. Their prices are pretty fair too, especially considering the rarity of some of the items (and their excellent condition). You won’t be disappointed.

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