What Gamers Want Most in a Next-Gen Console

There has been a lot of talk about next-gen consoles since the announcement of the Wii U. Nintendo started off the next-gen craze with their latest console that released mid-November. Because attention has been brought to their new hardware gamers around the world started spreading all sorts of different rumors about both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles. Although nothing has been completely confirmed by either of gaming’s other superpowers, there have been a ton of rumors and so called leaks about a next-gen Xbox or PlayStation console .

Even though there has been no solid confirmation of either company releasing another console, one can guess that the idea has been tossed around and presumably works. With that being said, within the rumors a lot of pointless features have been mentioned or even wished upon by fans; which made gamers reflect on what they were hopping for in any next-gen console. After going through a world of rumors and request among fans that are anticipating an official announcement of a next-gen console from either Sony or Microsoft it is more than apparent what the fans want most from these companies.

Gamers all want the same thing when it comes to talking about next-gen and that is games. The most important aspect about making any sort of new hardware is improvements. Although features and capabilities are a plus nothing will beat the love gamers have for games. If any console wants to succeed in the next-gen battle the number one thing that should be done to show it off are a slew of original games exclusively for that console and a reason that the games are better on that console than last-gen hardware.

The Wii U has set the stage and with that and they sort of have their ideas of what gamers want on the right track. The Wii U has come out and with more release titles than ever before seen on any console. In that scene they know that every gamer wants games, so that is what they are using to show off the system. Nintendo is fixing obvious mistakes they made with the original Wii by bring 3rd party titles on board and showing gamers new ways to play games with improved graphics. In a broad scheme of things, the Wii U is presenting itself perfectly as being the first in the next-gen battle but there are things that are holding people back from actually purchasing the system.

Although, it shows gamers exactly what they are looking for they are presenting games that players have already played on current-gen consoles just in a way that the beloved games have not been played yet. If the gamer is not overly impressed with the Wii U touch screen controller, as of now they almost have nearly no reason to want to replay the game. On top of the problem with fans wrapping their minds around the controller and weather it’s just another gimmick like the Wii motion controls, gamers are less impressed with the way they can game online. Because the Wii was not as easily social as the Xbox 360 or PS3 players are having a hard time accepting anything different from the Wii U. Although there are plenty of reasons why the Wii U is doing well there are a few complications that gamers refuse to give the console a way to win them over.

After discussing the Wii U we would like to discuss the capabilities of other next-gen consoles but can only go as far as rumors and possibilities. With so many articles touching base on who will win the next-gen battle, there is only the possibility of going so far with no real or solid information released. We cannot judge a console off of leaks and guesses. What we can do is tell our readers that at some point in time they can be expecting a new console from both Sony and Microsoft it is just unknown when and what functions it will have exactly.

If either console wants to defeat the Wii U they will need to provide gamers a reason why they want to game on that console and have plenty of games to choose from. Gamers will need to know that they will be able to easily hop into a multiplayer game with friends from around the world as well as have a way to communicate easily with these people out of the game; which has nearly already been proven to current fans of PS3 and Xbox 360. What will force the Wii U to its defeat in a next-gen battle is the fact that both PS3 and Xbox 360 has the trust of gamers and the Wii U is trying to gain that trust back from the disappointment the hardcore gaming crowd faced with the Wii. If one looks at sales they can say the Wii was a success but when they look at how actual gamers (no not casual families) feel about the console, it can be determined that both Sony and Microsoft have a very easy way to take out Nintendo in the next-gen battle if they each play their cards right.

What gamers want is games. If a game look great and is exclusive to that console it will saw them to buy which ever console it is with that game. If they have a trust in what the previous console brought them, that is what will sway them to purchase that system. The gimmicks, functions and apps are an added bonus for what the gamers really want but in all honesty with the way things are now some of the apps and things available to players are not even being used. Showing off any piece of hardware with more useless reasons why it’s the best wont fool anyone anymore, show the gamers, why games are better on that console for a sure fire way to stomp the competition in the ‘next-gen battle’.

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