Survival Horror Genre Set to Make a Huge Impact in 2013

The year 2013 marks a great year for the survival horror genre. This is the genre that is not over-played but when a game crafts itself just right they can be some of the best games in the industry. It is games in this genre that make the players skin crawl…. in a good way. These are the creepiest yet some of the more interesting games on the market and in 2013 they will be making a huge impact.

It has been argued that games of other genres, action-adventure for example have taken elements of survival horror just to make a significant impact in gaming during 2013. Games like Tomb Raider have even been compared to be sort of a survival horror title with its added new elements but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about the games that stay true to that genre and set themselves up perfectly to make a huge impact on the gaming industry in the coming year and an article that will stray from the obvious…The Last of Us. Out of the many survival horror titles that are set to be released in the coming year, which are the most promising titles of 2013?

Until Dawn:

This survival horror title should be on every PS3 owners ‘to buy’ list. Playing Until Dawn is like staring in your own horror film with the perfect terrifying setting and characters to match. Set in the middle of a dark winter night in the woods, the player and a group of friends go to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a friend. This game will provide a frightening story that will instantly have the player hooked. With how perfect everything about this game sounds and looks, is there a draw back? Unfortunately, there is one thing that will keep a lot of PlayStations fans away from this great looking title. As of now it is exclusively for the PlayStation Move. As players wish to have dual shock integrated as well as move capabilities right now it looks unlikely because it is said that the game was greatly based after the Move. With that unfortunate news being stated, the game still looks amazing. It would undoubtedly be the next hit game if it weren’t for being exclusive to the Move. So as of now, anyone with a PS Move should definitely keep this game on their radar. (release date is unknown but 2013 is predicted)

Metro: Last Light:

This upcoming post-apocalyptical title is sure to catch gamer’s attention. Metro: Last Light is like the perfect combination of both a first-person shooter but with all the right elements to a survival horror game. After a long time waiting, it is said that this game will be able to shove PC hardware to restrictions while providing console gamers with one of the most innovative gaming experiences to date. Although that is a lot of statement to live up to, if there is any game pushing to answer those expectations in 2013 it is Metro: Last Light. This might not be a title that every gamer has in the front of their mind but it is a title that deserves to be in the front of every players mind. Metro: Last Light will be a game that drags emotion out of the player to provide them with a story that will leave them wondering what will happen next. This game is perfectly crafted to make the player jump, to be that creepy title that the player might not want to play on a cold dark night; but also the title that is so interesting it forces gamers to keep on going. The game taps right into the player and their feelings which makes this one of the most influential titles in not only the year of 2013 but in the survival horror genre.

Dead Space 3:

Making its début on June 4th 2012 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, fan favorite game, Dead Space 3 was instantly anticipated. This third-person shooter/ survival horror game is a sequel to the much loved, Dead Space 2 and the third primary installment to the renowned franchise. Taking the setting of the frozen planet of Tau Volantis protagonist Isaac Clarke and John Carver once again take the stage. The two main characters attempt to completely stop the treat of Necromorph once and for all. One of the best looking features of this game was shown of greatly at E3 2011 and that is a drop-in/ drop-out cooperative mode. The co-op experience will unlock more details about the overall story which will persuade players to play Dead Space 3 with a friend. The cooperative experience is taking a risk by separating the characters and having each one experience something different at the same time which makes this experience all the more interesting. Players will be able to get a hold of this survival horror title in February of 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC.

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