Square misses the mark with Hitman: Absolution promo app

Square Enix issued a formal apology after launching a promotional Facebook app for Hitman:Absolution. The app allowed users to place virtual “hits” on their friends. While this may be enough to cause an uproar for some, this wasn’t the true reason for the apology. The app, which was removed within an hour of its launch, allowed users to “kill” their friends in ways that put cyber bullying to shame.

For example, users could arrange hits for having ginger hair, a strange odor, small breasts or for cheating on their partners. Once a reason was selected, a video would be posted to the intended targets wall that shows how they meet their end.

Naturally, all traces of the app were removed from cyberspace. Any residual links that do exist simply reroute to the Hitman: Absolution site. In addition Square also issued this apology:

“Earlier today we launched an app based around Hitman: Absolution that allowed you to place virtual hits on your Facebook friends. Those hits would only be viewable by the recipient, and could only be sent to people who were confirmed friends.

We were wide of the mark with the app, and following feedback from the community we decided the best thing to do was remove it completely and quickly. This we’ve now done.

We’re sorry for any offense caused by this.”

While it’s great that Square reacted so quickly, it’s a shame that no one foresaw the problems that this app would obviously cause.

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