Hands-on With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal DLC

An event hosted at the Sony Santa Monica studio, that took place December 3rd, gave press the chance to get their hands-on the new DLC that is coming out for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. This DLC will be highly anticipated by fans not only because of the great content but also for its limited time unbelievable ‘price’. More information regarding the content, pricing and release date can be found here. Featuring Gravity Rush’s Kat and StarHawk’s Emmett, this DLC is going to be something every PS All-Stars fans seek. GamersBliss staff had the chance to experience these two new characters on a never before seen map to bring our viewers information on what to expect from this DLC pack.

The first character we got to try was Kat from Gravity Rush. She’s is a unique character on the roaster and fortunately easily able to spot in the havoc of a standard PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal match. Her character is true to her game even in PS All-Stars. The focused around a lot of Kat’s move tend to be a manipulation of gravity. Like most characters in the game have a ‘double jump’ to get to higher ledges, Kat’s double jump seems to be more of an upward dash; it is a swift movement opposed to the slight pause in the air that most characters tend to have. The key to success with Kat tends to be far off attacks with close encounter combos. Her main means of fighting and style has to do with manipulation and movements. Kat is deadly for her look and a character that should not be underestimated on the battle field.

Emmett is definitely a long range character. Instead of using inhuman abilities to defeat his opponents he uses a vast variety of weapons to sway the match to his advantage. He is equip with the ability to deploy an armory which he can switch his weapon there after deploying it like any normal move. Emmett can use grenades, rockets, a shotgun and other weapons to try and do the most possible damage to his opponents. While most of his weapons seem to do just fine in long range his shotgun obviously is the best weapon for short-range battles. One of his more unique attacks is when he deploys a turret gun. The player can leave the turret to dish out damage to other while Emmett continues to attack normally. It becomes the other player’s job to take them from battle to destroy the turret if they want the damage to stop.

Both the characters seem as if they are the opposite of the other in which they offset each other perfectly for this DLC release. The way these characters offset one another makes if a perfect match for most players styles of play in one DLC; the DLC is well rounded.

In this DLC a new map will also be featured. The new map is a great mix between Heavenly Sword and WipEout. The players are first placed on a platform resembling what one would see in Heavenly Sword. After the battle progresses for a period of time the platform will break under the player’s feet sending them falling straight into an area featuring a futuristic track from WipEout. The two games in which this map is taken from are so different but in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal the map is fused together perfectly.

Our hands-on preview to the DLC in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal proved to be a blast. Both of these characters fit in with the game perfectly. This DLC should be released early in 2013 with a period of time where it will be free. Kat, Emmett and the new map do a great job of adding to this already hit game.

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