You Know You’re a Nintendo Fan When…

Nintendo has been a super power in gaming for many years. In most cases you can’t consider yourself a true gamer without playing some of Nintendo’s most renowned classics. Starting with the original Nintendo and working its way up to being the first company to release a next-gen consoles; Nintendo has come a long way. They have been a front runner in the gaming industry by having series that is so easy for people of all ages to love. This is the company that brought player Super Mario and Zelda; two games with some of the largest fan-bases out there. Anyone can sit around and say they are a fan of the company (who wouldn’t be) but the people who are real fans might take their love for Nintendo to the next level. You know you’re a Nintendo fan when…

…Introducing yourself has changed from, “Hi I’m Blank” to “It’s me Blank”.

…Overalls with a red or green shirt underneath is one of your favorite outfits.

…The number 64 is more than just a number to you.

…You have thought of how cool it would be if Pokémon were real more than once in your lifetime.

…Nintendo Power’s discontinuation killed a part of you.

….You didn’t mind trampling people to get your hands on a Wii U pre-order.

…Dressing up as Mario and friends with people you know is something you have or want to do at a convention or on Halloween.

…You remember when controllers were square.

…You feel that every brick should be gold, in the shape of a square and have a question mark on it.

…To get someone’s attention you tend to make the sound of a Womp.

…When you’re really hungry you imitate Kirby to make your food disappear.

…Playing the Star Power song while driving makes you immune to the law.

…You secretly wish your ears were pointed at the top.

…You have met some of your best friends just by leaving your DS on in your pocket.

…You know ghosts won’t harm you if you are looking at them.

…Every time a Pokémon game releases your friends and family think you have fallen off the face of the earth.

…You didn’t mind tramping people to get your hands on a Wii U pre-order.

…When sitting in traffic you wonder what other drivers would think if instead of sitting in your car you were riding Yoshi.

…The rumble pack was a must have. Who would have ever thought something so cool could ever exist.

…Banana peels are something to avoid at all costs.

…You have bought a boomerang just to play with; the thought of how cool you would look if you knew how to do it correctly has crossed your mind.

…Wii games are your primary source of exercise.

…A chicken is an acceptable way to get to high ledges or glide over gaps.

…Switching your hat throughout the day means you have been granted a new ability.

…After transferring Pokémon from game to game you just can’t feel comfortable carrying all those hours around in your pocket anymore.

…Connecting your GameBoy Advanced to your GameCube was the greatest invention of mankind!

…You remember crying tears of joy when you first heard about Super Smash Bros.

…You know that special feeling, a feeling you can get no other way, when Peach gifts you a P Wing.

…You did buy the Worm Light for your GameBoy; after all it was the only way you could play in the dark.

…It was perfectly normal to get out of breath before playing, blowing on the cartridge made the game work.

…Learning to play a musical instrument sounded a lot more enjoyable once you listened to the Ocarina of Time soundtrack.

…You primary means of transportation is indeed a Go-Kart.

…A game is perfectly understandable when the main character has no real dialog.

…You have thought about how weird it is that real people can’t ground pound.

…The most feared animal in the world is an ape; he’s smart enough to kill mean with barrels… now that’s insane.

…You noticed that a row of masks on Majora’s Mask were actually the main characters from Star Fox.

…You know what ‘jumpman’ means.

…Reflecting on some of the things you have read in this article has made you smile!

Is there something that sets you apart as a Nintendo fan that you want other to know or a corny saying that you want to add to our list? Please leave a comment below to show some love for Nintendo in celebration to the recent release of the Wii U!

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