5 Unforgettable Characters of this Generation that will be Forgotten

Warning Spoilers AHEAD!!!  You have been warned!

This generation of console gaming has created some of the best characters in gaming history.  While at the same time most of these characters will never see the light of day again in the form of a true sequel as all of the characters on this list have seen their story come to a close.  These characters are unforgettable but will eventually be forgotten with the new console generation starting and new characters replacing them in their respected franchise.

Ezio Auditore

Ezio Auditore

Ezio Auditore de Firenze is one of the most famous characters to be in the Video Game Industry for the past several years.  Yet even that didn’t stop Ubisoft from ending his story and continuing the franchise with a new assassin named Conner.  Ezio’s character has seen an evolution throughout the 3 games in which he starred.  From seeing his father and brother murdered by the Templar order, to finding his Uncle Mario who took him under his wing killed by the famed Cesare Borgia.  Ezio found resolve after extracting his revenge of those who took the lives of his loved ones by the end of his trilogy.  Not seeing Ezio in another video game will leave the industry without one of our favorite assassinos, especially after seeing him be killed off in the last Assassins Creed film Embers.  Requiescat en pace.

Commander Sheppard

Commander Shepard

From one fan favorite to another, Commander Sheppard caused an uproar from fanboys after his last and final adventure.  Why you ask, well as we all should know by now the Space cowboy finally meets his end in order to save the galaxy, universe, mankind, you get the drift.  Bioware put the Shep out of commission after completing his space odyssey trilogy.  The uproar comes as fans wanted to save the Commander as usually at the end of every Mass Effect game you are able to save your entire crew.  Yet in this game desperation comes in sacrifice and while most gamers may not agree, Commander Sheppard did die honorably.  Bioware did what some developers couldn’t do, kill off their hero and move to the next big thing, Bungie anyone?

Niko Belic

Niko Belic

Niko Belic is the perfect example of any immigrant coming to the United States to pursue happiness.  And what do you know, all he gets is sorrow and grief.  While some may find it hard to relate to Niko, since he is an immigrant.  His story has to be one of the most compelling on this list.  Doing odd jobs for the crooked crowd in Liberty City just to get ahead.  Yet as gamers progress throughout the game Niko never becomes that high-end gangster/mobster.  Niko will always be Niko, a low life thug with nothing to show for all of the work he has done.  Yea you may say, well he has Playboy’s penthouse, but that’s just it.  It is still Playboy’s penthouse, it will never be Niko’s penthouse.  Even then when Niko’s story comes to a close he will have lost more than what he would have gained.  So this underdog has to be one of the best characters for this generation.  Just don’t expect him to have another video game role.

Soap MacTavish

Soap MacTavish

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, sees a story that never is quite complete.  This is because Soap MacTavish dies half way through Modern Warfare 3.  In terms of story we were outraged and saddened when playing through the Campaign of MW3.  All of the memories of killing Imran Zakhaev and General Shepard as Soap are now just that, memories.  Players will remember the strong bond that Capt. Price and Soap had, as well as wonder why he wasn’t a playable character during MW3’s campaign.  In some sense the Modern Warfare trilogy for Soap never felt complete.

Lee Everett

Lee Everett

The final character on our list is one of our favorites.  Lee Everett is one bad ass character that kills the undead with no questions asked.  To saving a little girl and taking her to the brink of breaking down.  With out the help of Lee Everett, Clementine would have never survived the zombie apocalypse as long as she has.   What ever actions you take Lee is bound by a zombie bite and will eventually turn into one of them.  Perhaps we may see him in future episodes of the Walking Dead… just slightly zombified with a hunger for flesh.

Do you have a character that has seen their story end that you think belongs on this list?  Comment Below!


10 Comments on 5 Unforgettable Characters of this Generation that will be Forgotten

  1. DarthDiggler // December 3, 2012 at 11:21 am // Reply

    Not reading this article just wanted to point out how stupid your headline is.

    “5 Unforgettable Characters of this Generation that will be Forgotten”

    If they are unforgettable they won’t be forgotten thus your list is stupid.

    • Perhaps if you read the article you might find some intelligence behind the title… yet you choose to judge a book by its cover… to bad.

      • DarthDiggler // December 3, 2012 at 2:43 pm // Reply

        Alright you deserve my apologies (headlines in gaming news can often be misleading). The headline could use some tweaks. I get the irony, but the word forgotten kind of doesn’t work with these strong characters.

        Perhaps retired (or similar term) would be more accurate.

  2. Shepard will live on forever, I will never forget her and the Mass Effect universe will not either. (especially if you consider the control ending canon).
    Also I know a lot of people that are still really in to Ezio (not that I ever was though)

  3. You missed the 2 Top dogs of this gen Nathan Drake and Marcus Fenix

  4. TheVioletTreader // December 3, 2012 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    Great article Shaun. I do agree with every choice you made except that Nathan Drake isn’t on this list.

    I’m not bashing, I think you’ve done great and I know this is your opinion. Drake has been a standout character this generation for me personally, and I’m sure many other gamers would concur ( and not…)

  5. nathan drake
    vault boy
    brucie kibbutz
    dr. steinman

  6. I dont see how the title goes together with the text, all your doing is pointing out what characters will not appear in games anymore.

    It was an entertaining read and I give you credit for the clever title and well written text, I just didnt see how the title fits together with the articles itself.

    Keep it up though, great sight, WordPress huh? Same here, Same here…

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