3 Best Games to Play on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the folks here at GamersBliss.com! We are grateful for every one of our readers and want to extend a personal thanks to every last viewer. With that being said, while you are at home eating a great dinner with your families we wanted to remind you of a few games that may be suitable for this wonderful holiday. We have composed a list of the top 3 games that players should keep in mind while gaming on this scrumptious holiday. Remember, family is first today but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t gather around for a great gaming session, right?

New Super Mario Bros U

It’s not Thanksgiving 2012 without the newly released Wii U. Many of the launch titles would be a great way to game with your loved ones and a wonderful way to try out some of those new features on the Wii U. The function of the console can be seen great in the New Super Mario Bros U and this game would be easy for any skill level to play. Stick the lesser experienced player with the Wii U touch screen game pad and have them assist the other four players as the family makes their way through each level.

If you don’t have a Wii U or are waiting for the holiday season to wrap up before getting one… or expecting a great holiday gift at a later point, then there are plenty of other great titles you can play with your family on all consoles. The Xbox 360 Kinect and PS Move provide for a great way to get the family gaming; just make sure grandma doesn’t break a hip in Just Dace 3. Other than that there is no problem with whipping out the Wii with a classic Wii Sports marathon. The point of this entry to our Thanksgiving list is to get the family together and play something together after you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!

Madden 13

Football is a huge Thanksgiving tradition in many households. Who doesn’t host an annual after dinner football game on Thanksgiving Day; not to mention the NFL games blasting through the TV? Why not up the football hype by popping any Madden game into your console? After all the Thanksgiving festivities it would be a real hoot to replay some of your favorite games of the day on your favorite gaming consoles. Get some multiplayer going in your living room to celebrate the holiday classily but this time with a Madden title. Once all is said and done and your family has loaded up on left-over’s and split, why not hop online with a friend and keep the celebration going. Madden 13 is the perfect game to end your Thanksgiving Day off right.

Assassin’s Creed III

Gaming doesn’t get any closer to Thanksgiving than it does with Assassin’s Creed III. This game is set in the American Revolution which is the closest time period anyone can get in gaming for the reason why Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the first place. Not only is this the absolute closest any player will get to the correct time period on their consoles but it is also one of the only game to feature Thanksgiving’s renowned bird, the turkey. They may be alive and running through the farms but this is still one of the only games on the market to pay any tribute to the species. It might not be the normal animal to see in a game but Assassin’s Creed III does feature turkeys in a near correct time period so it doesn’t get much closer to Thanksgiving than that. Although Assassin’s Creed III might not be the kind of game that the family can gather around the TV and watch or take part in, it is still a perfect game to play to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

We hope all of our readers have a safe, fun and happy Thanksgiving!

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