Alex Mason vs. David Mason- Which Character is More Likable?

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 last week players naturally compare this title to the original Black Ops game. One of the largest comparisons that can be made about the game is between the previous protagonist Alex Mason and the new protagonist, his son, David Mason. These two characters are in the same family and have similarities but they also have some huge differences. Putting all other characters aside, which of these characters do players find more interesting and connectable in the Black Ops series? Is it Alex Mason that players tend to like to play as more or does his son surpass him on the ‘cool scale’ in the recent release, Black Ops 2?

Alex Mason became the prime topic among gamers after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops. As we are trying to keep spoilers out of this article, those of you who know Alex Mason from the original Black Ops know that he has a very unique personality. With that ‘uniqueness’ players can’t help but fall in love with his faults. Alex Mason has seen his fair share of hard times in battle and that experience is apparent in the way he carries himself. He has sure fire problems but these troubles are in a way very sad and actually work in his favor to pull emotion out of the player. It is impossible not to like Alex Mason, he is one of the toughest guys in gaming and yet the faults that were forced into his brain pull feeling out of the player. When emotion is pulled out of a player from a character there is an immediate connection, which is seen with Alex Mason. He is the guy to jump into a fight he is sure to lose and come out with a win. Alex Mason constantly illustrates to players that he is an extraordinary man.

Alex continues to show his personality in Black Ops 2. As stated above, we will not give out any spoilers but seeing him in his classic nature in the squeal is undeniably heartwarming. He is just him and there is no character out there exactly like Alex Mason. The closest character to Alex Mason is his son and protagonist of Black Ops 2, David Mason. With these similarities does David come through with being even more likable than his father?

David is likeable as well as Alex but the player does have to get to know him before an immediate connection is formed. It is a rocky start with David as he is met as a child and tends to have a negative outlook on his already beloved father. Though the player does get to know him, and he does turn out to be an enjoyable character, the understandable but negative behavior toward his father is sad. Something about David makes the player feel as though he is less violent and that ruthless violence of his father is something players tended to like. There are areas in Black Ops 2 when the player controls David that they may feel that Alex would have done something differently that could have resulted in something cooler or more extreme. While David is still a tough guy, he seems as if he is more reserved or at least has his mind together which makes players sort of miss the instability of Alex.

Even though both characters are very likable, it seems as if players gravitated more toward Alex Mason in both Black Ops and Black Ops 2 more than they did David. Both characters are great characters but can anyone really be cooler than Alex? David Mason seems to have fallen just short of player’s expectations in terms of characteristic and actions in comparison to his father. Which character do you find to be more likable? Join our discussion below about Alex and David by put your input into the gaming community.

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