Has THQ Sent out Saints Row: The Third Surveys in Preparation for Saints Row 4?

Fans of the Saints Row series that are signed up to receive their news letters were recently asked to participate in a Saints Row: The Third related survey in exchange for an exclusive wallpaper. The survey is conducted around the Initiation Station; where players were able to create in-game characters and share them via the Saints Row website. This was something that gave players early access to the create a character portion of the game before Saints Row: The Third was released and preceded through the release as a quick way to make a character without booting up the entire game. It is great to see the company reaching out to the fans about the game so any mistakes that were made can be learned from. There would be no other reason to be conducting such a survey unless they were putting thought into what to add to the next installment to the franchise, Saints Row 4.

Saints Row 4 has pretty much been confirmed but there has been no information about the title except that they may be adding what was made of ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ into the next installment of the series rather than making it an add-on for Saints Row: The Third. But what we can figure is that more than the talk of Enter the Dominatrix has been flying around the studio and this survey backs up the suspicions.

In the short survey fans are asked questions about the Initiation Station that include how often they use the feature and a variety of agree or disagree questions regarding options. If you are a player that has received this survey let your voice be heard as this is almost a sure fire way for the development team to know what the players want in terms of the next title in the series. The fans are being asked so it is time to speak; this could be the only real way of shaping the development of Saints Row 4 besides ranting on forums!

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