2013 marks the Heart of the Swarm


Blizzard has finally let us stop taking guesses at the release date of the newest expansion of the Starcraft 2 expansion Heart of the Swarm that’s not the only storm Blizzard has in store we have an official date for the game but a collectors edition for our troubles that will… Swarm all over game stores etc all over. Ok ok once the release date is official midnight releases will.. Zerg Rush the games to us so we can get them downloaded to our PC’s? Fine all Starcraft lingo aside the game is going to be Blizzard’s way to freshen the dust off the servers and get new and old players back into the world of Starcraft. The regular edition of Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm is a mere $39.99 which isn’t bad for expansion so gamers dont have much to say about price. The collectors edition however will run you at $79.99 but it comes with all kinds of awesome stuff:

  • Torrasque Ultralisk Skin, 3 Portraits, and 3 Decals in Starcraft® II
  • Baneling Pet in World of Warcraft
  • Blade Wings & Banner Sigil in Diablo III
  • Official Art Book
  • Zerg-Rush Mousepad
  • Behind-The-Scenes Blu-Ray/DVD Set
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack

Pretty standard and awesome stuff from the collectors point of view if i do say so myself, of course you should know that for $59.99 you can get the Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with the bonus portraits and decals, Ultralisk skin, Baneling pet and the Blade Wings & Banner Sigil. As if i didn’t give even more good news you can pre-order it now as long as you have a real Battle.net account and not one of those fake ones that hack my WoW account when I’m not playing.

The selling point of Heart of the Swarm will be the multiplayer and it will be zerg full of updates to make it fresh and not what people are used to with the campaign this time around and all the strategy for the players who play professionally go Esports! All in all i’m wondering how Sarah Kerrigan and her crazy ass will be once i finish this campaign, the pawns are in place and once March 12th 2013 hits we’ll know more.

Keep in mind that’s a very big month for gaming what with Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Judgement, and God of War: Ancesion.


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