5 Exciting Wii U Features

5 Exciting Wii U Features

Wii are ready, are U?

At the stroke of 12 PM tonight, will mark the official 24 hour countdown for the release of the Wii U.  Giving gamers their first step into the Next-Generation of consoles.  We here at GamersBliss.com are excited to bring in our first console in our sites lifespan and hope to bring many more with our fellow gamers!  Nintendo’s new console looks to turn heads once again as the system has been sold out of pre-orders and will be guaranteed to be sell out this holiday season.  While the Wii U has a number of features we are excited about, lets take a look at the Top 5 features that makes us want to get our paws on Wii U.

5. TVii

The Wii U brings focus to the Tvii    Wii U brings focus to the TVii

Nintendo is treading on new water with the inclusion of TVii.  The newest addition to the Wii U arsenal brings a TV function for the entire family to enjoy.  Perhaps the dads of the world will be filled with joy to know that they can navigate every sports game on the tablet with ease, yet never changing TV channels.  Unlike the previous apps like Netflix and Hulu found on the original Wii.  TVii brings all of the streaming, TV channels, DVRs and more to the Wii U tablet.  Making the family feel like they should be on MTV cribs with their new fancy Wii U TV controller.  No longer will you be jumping controller batteries, or searching frantically under sofa pillows for that damn remote.  As the Wii U tablet makes TV watching fun, unique and easy.   It will be interesting to see what Nintendo does to expand upon the ideas that TVii has to offer.

4.Wii U Pro Controller

Wii U Pro Controller

A Super Nintendo Controller with Analog Sticks

An old friend from the 90’s seems to have evolved much like a Pokemon trainers Charizard has.  Nintendo’s baby of the Super Nintendo is back with new features such as analog sticks, and trigger buttons.  Not only that the controller is now wireless and supports up to 80 hours of play time on one charge.  Wow… now if only my iPhone could hold a charge like that.  The controller is a unique display of what Nintendo plans on doing with the Wii U without alienating Hardcore gamers with the Wii U Tablet.  Although the Wii U Pro Controller is an accessory and is not included with the purchase of the console gamers should be happy with what it has to offer.  While we doubt that anyone would want to play a game 30 ft away from a display the Wii U Pro Controller does support this.  FPS fans will be happy to know that the system doesn’t forget about them and encourages them to pick up a Wii U Pro Controller if they don’t feel comfortable using the tablet.

3. The Wii U Tablet

Tablet Gaming just got a hold of Nintendo

Tablet Gaming just got a hold of Nintendo

A new form of gaming is what Nintendo is all about.  From giving gamers the experience of mobile gaming with GameBoy, to pushing developers to new heights with the Super Nintendo, it seems that the company always wants to bring gaming to a new direction.  With the new Wii U Tablet Nintendo has done just that.  One of the best features that the tablet gives developers is a new perspective.  An ability solely exclusive to the Wii U Tablet, which gives gamers a new experience with their favorite games or even their new favorite games.  Holding the tablet feels natural and surprisingly light weight allowing the experience not to be hampered while using the new tool for gaming.  The tablet is bound to clash genres of games together.  This is already found in the ZombiU title which has the player holding the tablet in multiplayer in charge of controlling  the spawns of Zombies like an RTS game, while the other player on the TV desperately strives to survive the waves of spawning Zombies on the TV via FPS perspective.  The amount of ideas with the tablet are endless and should bring gamers much excitement in the coming days of next-gen gaming.

2. The Nintendo Network/MiiVerse

The Nintendo Network brings MiiVerse to life   The Nintendo Network brings MiiVerse to life

Lets face it MiiVerse is what the original Wii needed a real online servive.  Nintendo has a new focus on bringing gamers together to share their experience with one another.  The new service from the Nintendo Network will allow gamers to both challenge and play cooperatively with gamers from around the world.  From helpful tips to get through a boss to slapping another player up in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  Nintendo seems to be interested in the evolution of online gaming.  While the service requires you to be online, it will truly redefine a gamers experience on the Wii U with connections between 3DS gamers as well.  With the possibility of connecting new 3DS systems as  controllers and communicating via the Nintendo Network only the company will know its true intentions of expanding the service.  We are excited to see whether or not Nintendo can truly give gamers the online experience they are looking for in a Nintendo console.  With the 3DS as an example it is safe to say that Nintendo is heading in the right direction.

1. The Games

Games Games GamesGames Games Games

The Wii U is going to offer one of the biggest selections of games in launch history.   A confirmed number of 51 retail box titles, as well as Virtual Console titles, on top of that the complete Wii Library will be playable on the Wii U. It seems that the Wii U’s Birthday Cake just got topped with Ice Cream and for good measure Nintendo drizzled some warm chocolate fudge for gamers.  This means on launch day you will be able to play all the Mario, Zelda, and Metroid titles released for the original Wii.  As well as new titles such as ZombiU, Super Mario Bros. U, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2 and more!  From supporting an extremely ridiculous library, the console is also easier on developers.  This means that instead of spending an excruciating amount of money for triple A titles, publishers are able to broaden their horizons and allow more developers to develop for the platform.  In essence, more games, mean the odds of more must have gaming experiences are likely.  With the inclusion of MiiVerse, the Wii U Pro Controller, and more, the Wii U will be one of the best experiences a gamer will have in the years to come.

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