Where to get your Gears of War: Judgment Retailer Exclusive Pre-Order Character Skin

GOW Judgement Character Skin Pre-Orders

UPDATE: The Anya Stroud Multiplayer skin is available by pre-ordering Gears of War: Judgement at Best Buy, while Alex Brand is available by pre-ordering the game from the Microsoft Store here.

We have already announced that all gamers who pre-order a copy of Gears of War: Judgment will attain the classic Hammerburst weapon no matter where they pre-order from, a trailer featuring the now six shot assault rifle, can be viewed here along with the rest of the detail on that. What you may be curious to know is where you can get the 4 retailer exclusive multiplayer character skins including Young Marcus, Young Dom, Anya Stroud (from Gears of War 3) and the tattooed redhead from the comics who everyone wants to see in action, yet another female; Alex Brand.

Once again just like Gears of War 3, the next installment will have 4 ‘exclusive’ multiplayer characters available at the same 4 retailers, although they eventually made them available to everyone as DLC, making them not so exclusive. So do not be surprised if the same thing happens with Gears of War: Judgment even though it is being developed by People Can Fly who created Bulletstorm, and much like that game Epic Games will be looking over their shoulders, with a few less staff this time including Cliff Bleszinski whom recently left Epic.

You can get Young Marcus from pre-order at Gamestop, while Amazon.com will have Young Dom. Walmart is once again taking part in the pre-order bonuses again with Anya Stroud available from them and finally Alex Brand is available as a pre-order bonus from Best Buy. View all their glory in detail below.


GOWJudgementYoungMarcusGamestop GOWJudgementYoungDomAmazon
GOWJudgmentAnyaStroudWalmart GOWJudmentAlexBrand-BestBuy

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