How to Unlock Master Chief’s Armor in Halo 4 Multiplayer

Please keep in mind you must be connected to Xbox Live

Halo 4 is finally out and man is it something to behold.  While everyone that is playing in matchmaking might come across some individuals that have unlocked the Master Chief’s Armor. Leaving them to question whether those that have the Armor are modders or developers.

Well, ask yourself no longer my Spartans, as the game has a couple of unlocks after beating the Campaign on Legendary.  Yep, that’s right, the only way to unlock the beloved Mark VI Armor is to beat the Campaign on Legendary.  Of course this can be done either Solo or in Co-Op.  Mind you that beating the game Solo on Legendary will unlock the Achievement “Lone Wold Legend” worth 90 Gamerscore.

Source/Photo Credit: Vash 5962



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