Can HD Releases be the Next Wave of Gaming?

Gaming has changed over time, I have recently noticed something, during droughts of gaming great older games are re-released and given a makeover in HD. But why is that? Have you noticed what I’ve noticed also. Several answers for that as you read on but I would like to be the first person to say I love how my gaming memories. Seeing them come back now especially in an age where visuals are pushed to the limits which adds a lot to the game then when I played it. The  One thing is during an obvious period when games are in a dry spell it can mean that a company can capitalize on the opportunity to sell, sell, sell and gain new fans from the already popular fan base.

When Metal Gear Solid HD was released it was included with Metal Gear Solid 2,3:Snake Eater and Peace Walker even on the PS3 version it came with the original PS1 disk! That doesn’t get anymore nostalgic than that if you ask me. Other HD collections have been released since then Devil May Cry HD (Devil May Cry 1-3), Silent Hill HD (Silent Hill 2&3), Even the more recent Zone of the Enders HD collection is on shelves now and comes with Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengance as a bonus.

What other reasons do we as gamers have to pick up games that we knew and loved again on a different scale? I feel giving us the chance to relive our gaming as if we never played the game and that’s the fun were provided with again. I know that given the circumstances other companies will be giving us the classic games we love but just as a reminder here are some suggestions for HD remakes i would love to see:

  1. Resident Evil 1-3 HD
  2. Onimusha 1-3 and Dawn of Dreams HD
  3. Dino Crisis HD
  4. Eternal Darkness HD (Better graphics give you worse scares than it did the first time..)
  5. Psychonauts HD

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