Halo 4, the COD Killer?

As most of you may know by now Halo 4 has officially dropped in stores across the globe.  And man, the addicting multiplayer along with the high production value in the campaign has got all of us at GamersBliss thinking that this game was designed to do one thing.  Take Call of Duty down.  Halo fans can say this for sure, yet COD fans would beg to differ. The interesting change in the release date only adds to the burning question.  The majority of Halo titles released on the Xbox 360 were released in September.  Of course this doesn’t count the Halo Anniversary Edition released last year yet we all know that game didn’t really target an audience as big as the new entry.  Seeing as the game has been released exactly 1 week before the new Call of Duty entry from Treyarch comes out.  Could Halo be giving COD a run for its money?

Is there a new Cheif in nuketown?

Is there a new Chief in Nuketown?

If anything can be said about Halo is that it isn’t Call of Duty.  Yet the frantic fast paced action that has been introduced to the beloved franchise seems to be a direct answer to the COD franchise.  While most gamers still may not enjoy Halo for the fact that it features big hulking lumberjacks in armor.  The industry and gamers must take note that the new entry directs Halo into new territory.  With a complete package wrapped into this 60 dollar game it truly overstates most of the titles to come out within the past year.  And lets be honest COD players the franchise has become rather stale with no new elements to really take the franchise to new heights.  Do you think Black Ops 2 will be able to deliver what Call of Duty games have done in the past and then some?  Or will the game meet mediocre standards of a basic COD game?  We will find out next week on launch day!

Halo 4 will be met with much hate from those who don’t play it.  That doesn’t change the fact that the Master Chief has become much bigger than Bungie ever could have imagined.  Both games are sure to break records in their own right however, Halo 4 might be taking some dollar signs from Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  So the burning question: is Halo 4 a COD killer?  Sound off below and stay tuned for our full review of the game which will be published on Thursday as well as our review of Black Ops 2 coming next week!

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  1. There it is again, Blah blah blah COD is getting stale, blah blah blah Halo 4 is so new, well I have played both franchises so I can talk, Halo has gone in the same direction as COD, the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same IN EVERY GAME, but the developers add some new features to refresh the game but people are forgetting that since Halo took a 3 year, if Halo released a new game every year people would be criticizing it as they do COD

  2. The problem with Halo, after the original Combat Evolved, was that Bungie followed the advice of a minority of gamers that play it every day; the ones that have the time to bother responding to requests for how they (Bungie) might change the next game. That’s what stuffed it! COD, whether Infinity Ward or Treyarch, have constantly focused on making it an experience for the core gamer (20+ hours p/w) and also the casual gamer (6+ hours p/w), acknowledging that 80 bucks is 80 bucks. That’s why COD’s massive! It’s also one of the reasons why I now have a PS3 and not an Xbox.
    I would love Halo to be a good game but anyone who’s seen the back of another player in Halo’s multiplayer first, opened fire, only to be then killed by that player, knows what I’m talking about. If I’m in position I should win that battle, without question. It’s unbalanced and doesn’t accomodate the casual gamer and their casual ability levels. It’s just not fun anymore. When I play, I want to have fun. I wnat to get some kills. I want to contribute to my team. That’s it! Call of Duty does that and have also saved my love for gaming.
    Also, I hope, Shaun Ray, that you know 343 Industries made Halo 4 and not Bungie??? Just checking:)

    • Haha, Yes I know 343 Industries has become the sole dev of Halo, my comment about Bungie was that they could’ve done so much more with Master Chief. If you really think about it thought COD 2 was essentially just like Halo… a slow paced shooter. So for Halo to adopt what COD4 brought us it really is a eye opener and should be considered a direct competitor even though it is an exclusive title. I am sure Microsoft would rather have Halo as the frontman than COD on their console. If you were to play Halo 4 you would be very intrigued by what 343 has accomplished.


  3. Halo 4 certainly looks a lot better than any of us ever expected it would look. This is good for everydody. Competition is a very good thing…

    Thanks for your response, Shaun. I will be reading your articles, regularly, from now on. Cheers.

  4. COD appeals to the lowest common denominator. As Axel more or less said, its more for people who just want to play every once in awhile and not have to practice alot in order to contribute while Halo is much less forgiving for people who dont devote much time to it. I like a competitive (balanced) game that rewards my hours of practice I am willing to put in. So while I hope with every fiber of my being that Halo will kill off COD forever, I dont see it happening.

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