Crysis 3 – Hunter Edition, Plus pre-order to get the original game

When you pre-order Crysis 3 as I know you will because the game is awesome and let’s you use a bow and arrow! You can get the original game Crysis free as a digital download, what an incentive to get my $5 down for a great game by giving me another great game such great marketing EA and Crytek. Want me to sweeten the deal for you? This offer works for all platforms (Xbox360, PC and PS3 respectively) This wouldn’t be the first time a company gave us the first game when the sequel was released, remember Alice Madness Returns? While no plans for a Wii U version are on the table doesn’t mean that it can’t happen just have to wait and see. Gamers who pre-ordered get even more than they expected (I’m such a good gaming news Santa aren’t I?) You’ll get upgraded to the fancy Crysis 3 Hunter Edition, giving you a multiplayer advantage starting you out at level 5, Predator Skin, Three exclusive dog tags and the hunter Nano Suit.

[youtube id=”Pr2Qao671gE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Man those are great upgrades who doesn’t love to dress up themselves and the gun they’ll be using online mostly.. Brace yourself the Torque Bow jokes are coming! While Crysis can be purchased on several gaming networks: Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, and Origin for $20, 1600mps or just currency of some kind waiting for Crysis 3 to get it free is something that is worth waiting for since Crysis didn’t get a console port it’s only been on PC but now it’s branching out and it’s something I’m hype for.

Crysis 3 releases February 2013 for Xbox360, PS3, and PC

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