How COD Zombies Takes a Toll on the Left 4 Dead Series

Everyone loves Call of Duty zombies. The zombie portion of some Call of Duty games is even more popular than the game itself. Zombies are something that people around the world took a liking too, they understand and want to get involved with zombie culture as if it is a way of life. Thousands upon thousands of products are sold because of slight references to zombies in general, not just that of Call of Duty. Once the biggest game out there capitalized on the zombie trend, players were captivated and of course addicted. This is both a good and a bad thing for the gaming industry as a whole. Players love it and the joy it brings people is of course a good aspect but Call of Duty’s affect on games that aren’t even directly competing with them ends up being a huge negative aspect.

Take Black Ops II for example. We are just weeks away from the release of this already hugely popular game and the fan favorite game mode is once again zombies. The way the zombie mode is set up in this game looks all too familiar and can remind any hardcore zombie fan that the way Black Ops II zombies is a lot like the Left 4 Dead series.

The Left 4 Dead series plot 4 playable characters in an instant where zombies have taken over. They fight their way through each area in search of ways to survive and of course kill hordes of zombies along the way. In Black Ops II, players are set with a similar style of play. They are able to play with up to four of their friends and move through each area killing hoards of zombies to get to the end.

As good as players think Left 4 Dead is, there really isn’t a whole lot to the game and because of that a much larger game like Call of Duty is able to take the aspects players love and incorporate those things into a single game mode. We are not saying that the two games are going to be exactly the same, it’s just seems that what players have seen of Black Ops II zombie mode seems a lot like the way Left 4 Dead is played. Have you noticed any similarities in this mode and series? If you have leave your point below on how you feel the two are affecting each other.

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