Is IGN Dr. Evil?

Yesterday marked the release of the newest Medal of Honor title from EA Games.  This is in fact the second title since the reboot of the franchise which came out during October of 2010.  While reviews of the game were mediocre it was a big step for the franchise after ditching the WW2 setting to directly compete with the Modern Warfare title Activision publishes.

However, some of the Media Outlet giants like IGN has been quoted to tell gamers to not buy the game stating to quote “hold off until we get the review up…”  Shouldn’t IGN be asking gamers that bought the game how the game is?  This just goes to show how biased the company actually is and their motives.  When you give Happy Wars a 4/10 questions of the giant should arise as well.  We are sure the millions of people who have downloaded and played Happy Wars would say differently.  Perhaps no money was actually made during any coverage of the game since the arcade title for Xbox 360 was actually free.  Therefore allowing IGN to give the title a weak review score, since it didn’t meet the standards of making money for advertising.

Happy Wars 4 out of 10?  Don't buy Medal of Honor?

It seems that IGN has lost its way after being owned by a fortune 500 company and is up for sale for 100 million dollars.  That last sentence sounds a lot like a Dr. Evil quote from an Austin Powers movie.  Seeing that the outlet is being sold for 100 million dollars, do you really think they are covering video games for the fans best interests on gaming?  Even the company that buys IGN, will they be interested in the gaming industry for the gamers or for the money?  Here is the video straight from IGN’s YouTube account that states not to buy Medal of Honor until they get their review up.

[youtube id=”6fSbt-0-EbU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We are Hardcore Gamers here at GamersBliss with no biased incentives.  In fact we think the total opposite of Happy Wars and Medal of Honor.  Yet there are so many games out there we can’t review them all!  So if you have played EITHER go ahead and leave your review score below in the comment section with a couple of pros and cons from the game.  If you would like to write a FULL REVIEW you can and we may even ask you to write for us if we like it!  But be careful we don’t know how many letters you can put in the comment box so it might be beneficial to write it in Word first and paste it into the comment box so you don’t lose your review!


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