Is IGN Dr. Evil?

Yesterday marked the release of the newest Medal of Honor title from EA Games.  This is in fact the second title since the reboot of the franchise which came out during October of 2010.  While reviews of the game were mediocre it was a big step for the franchise after ditching the WW2 setting to directly compete with the Modern Warfare title Activision publishes.

However, some of the Media Outlet giants like IGN has been quoted to tell gamers to not buy the game stating to quote “hold off until we get the review up…”  Shouldn’t IGN be asking gamers that bought the game how the game is?  This just goes to show how biased the company actually is and their motives.  When you give Happy Wars a 4/10 questions of the giant should arise as well.  We are sure the millions of people who have downloaded and played Happy Wars would say differently.  Perhaps no money was actually made during any coverage of the game since the arcade title for Xbox 360 was actually free.  Therefore allowing IGN to give the title a weak review score, since it didn’t meet the standards of making money for advertising.

Happy Wars 4 out of 10?  Don't buy Medal of Honor?

It seems that IGN has lost its way after being owned by a fortune 500 company and is up for sale for 100 million dollars.  That last sentence sounds a lot like a Dr. Evil quote from an Austin Powers movie.  Seeing that the outlet is being sold for 100 million dollars, do you really think they are covering video games for the fans best interests on gaming?  Even the company that buys IGN, will they be interested in the gaming industry for the gamers or for the money?  Here is the video straight from IGN’s YouTube account that states not to buy Medal of Honor until they get their review up.

[youtube id=”6fSbt-0-EbU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We are Hardcore Gamers here at GamersBliss with no biased incentives.  In fact we think the total opposite of Happy Wars and Medal of Honor.  Yet there are so many games out there we can’t review them all!  So if you have played EITHER go ahead and leave your review score below in the comment section with a couple of pros and cons from the game.  If you would like to write a FULL REVIEW you can and we may even ask you to write for us if we like it!  But be careful we don’t know how many letters you can put in the comment box so it might be beneficial to write it in Word first and paste it into the comment box so you don’t lose your review!


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  1. You’re an idiot. This is the opinion of one IGN reviewer, not the entire company. I like how you just sort of group them all in one. Anthony Giagos is a fine journalist and extremely hardcore gamer. The corporate managers of NewsCorp, the corporation that owns IGN have little say in the activities of the individual journalists and their jobs. Get over yourself.

    • LOL this article is spot on… when IGN sold for like 650 MIILLLLION dollars and got rid of the Hardcore staff it totally went under… geez I bet IGN is happy to know that for every 100 million they make in a sale they would have lost 1.5 dollars… trolololol!!!! It was kinda like when Tech TV became G4TV… no one cares about it anymore move on find something new!

      • DarthDiggler // October 26, 2012 at 2:33 pm // Reply

        How is making claims without any evidence “spot on”?

        It only sounds that the author has confirmed something that you assumed was going on. Not saying that he may not have any points I am saying he doesn’t have ANY EVIDENCE.

  2. Thinly veiled plug for own website is thinly veiled

  3. theres a reason why ign tells you not to buy the game yet, because so many more people rely on there word over some dead beat website. IGN is is a successful story in a world where its hard to even start a gaming website, so when I see a website criticising them I laugh it off.

  4. DigenesDeity // October 25, 2012 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    I am a big fan of IGN and have frequented their website for a long while. This article disturbs me, saying that just because IGN is a huge company that it has no interest in gamers, games, or the gaming community for no other reason than money. Throughout their website it is easy to tell all of the people at IGN care about gamers as well as developers and that they are people just like us. When they tell you to hold off on purchasing games I’m sure it is for good reason (in the case of MOH it would be same day release review copy, and a huge day one patch), but this shouldn’t detour any hardcore fans of the series or people craving a new FPS.

    • I won a darksiders poster from this site all i get from IGN is a reason to spend 60 dollars on another piece of shit COD game… just so i can take it back to gamestop for 20 dollars and spend it on dishonored…. WHICH IS OVERRATED!!!!

      100 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!

  5. I feel there are so many things wrong with this article that if I commented on all of them I’d be here forever. But non the less I respect your opinion about things. I just think maybe you should think about what they said in the video as to why they haven’t reviewed and why they might suggest for potential customers to hold off before they buy.

  6. Why is this here? This has nothing to do with video games. You don’t know how IGN is handled internally, saying this just makes you look bad, you should focus on your own site.

  7. Heavy Rain


    My son dies in the game and I blow my brains out in the end…. or do I?

  8. I like how you delete any comments criticizing the article, or defending IGN.

  9. That isn’t what he explained whatsoever. In fact, he explained they actually take money from homosexuals. People who are discriminating will be the “groups that do nothing but find solutions to discriminate” that Chick-Fil-A funds

  10. Shaun,

    My name is Will and I work for IGN, and I would like to offer you the chance to speak to one of our editorial team so you can understand how the reviews process works here.

    At the moment you are equating your personal dislike of our review score, which is the opinion of a respected writer, as a cast iron reason why are reviews are influenced by ad bucks. This isn’t the reality.

    I hope you can spare some time to get in touch as we would be delighted to show lift the lid on the process and prove once and for all the money hats do not exist.

    Will Guyatt

  11. The main reason they said hold out before our review is because EA didn’t supply anyone with a review copy which just screams pessimistic. So they had to wait until it was released to get a copy and review it. They’re only looking out for gamers.

  12. Way to troll for clicks. A lot of people are saying MOH is not good, not just IGN. When your game has a massive day one patch to fix stuff that should have been fixed before cert like team chat only allowing players from your team yo hear you, or the controls stop working at ramdom, that’s a problem. I like IGN and use their reviews along with others as a guide not God. If they say its bad that’s their opinion not some corporate agenda. Yes that indie dev known as EA will certantly be hurt by their bad review. Let me guess, you think Activision paid them off right? Articles like this are so dumb.

  13. Bullshit, and are the ONLY sites I bother with, purely for the more personal take on the news

  14. Did anyone else actually watch the video. All he said was you “might” want to hold off on buying it until he had his review up. They sounded very genuine about wanting to experience the game more in all aspects before committing to a solid review, even stating he doesn’t want his past experience with the previous game to taint his opinions. I didn’t here anything in this video that would justify an article, so I’m in agreement with Josh as this is probably just more of a plug to their own site.

  15. Wake up ppl the whole world is out for money and for someone to think a multi million dollar corp. is not out for money well your just stupid. Everyone that posted on this is out for money if there not there either a Buddist or Something diff. Get past your teenage Mommy Disorder and realise no matter how much you like GSN or anyone like them< THEY DONT GIVE A SH(* about you…

  16. Sorry ign

  17. I agree completely. IGN gives such ridiculous and esqued reviews sometimes I wonder if they even played the same game as everyone else. A good example is the Silent Hill HD Collection. IGN gave it a great review and mentioned not one of the many, many miserable game-breaking glitches (the result of a half-completed source code) while every other gaming site reviewed it correctly, bugs and all. Did they just assume it was fine, after taking a lump sum from Konami to review it well? They continuously give conflicting scores and mediocre reviews based more on what they’ve been paid to advertise, in my opinion, rather than the true straight up facts.
    Of course people will defend it to the death because they don’t like being wrong about something they’ve followed/backed for so long. Regardless of this, IGN is a scourge on the gaming community and it’s a terrible shame, for developers and gamers alike, that so many buy into their propaganda.

  18. You sir have no idea what you are talking about. IGN is my go to website for anything gaming and more. The people that work there completely genuine and love video games. Not only that but they stay connected with the community weather it be the pod casts every week or the meet and greets. This article shows you know nothing about them and it makes you look like an idiot.

  19. DarthDiggler // October 26, 2012 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    This is exactly why most gaming websites are devoid of journalist. This author is making claims based on speculation and circumstantial evidence.

    This isn’t investigative reporting, this is creating rumor.

  20. When I read the title of the article I was like”wow someone else feels the same way as I have recently about IGN” but after reading it, while there was merit to some of the points brought forward they weren’t fully realised.

    From my persepctive as an avid gamer of 25 years. I do see that IGN is not what is once was. I like the writer, feel that the scores of the reviews are more of a product of adverstisement dollars spent by the publishers then actual reviews. But this happens in all avenues of media entertainment, for movies, albums and books. There is a percentage of a games budget that must be spent on advertisement and IGN is in that business. The majority of their revenue is generated through advertising dollars.

    If EA(who is one of the largest video game publishers) doesn’t want to spend big bucks pushing MOH then that is there fault. Possibly for the money they put into the game they realise that they can sell the game and would be happy without a big AD push or even giving out copies of the game well in advance for a review. I think the writer and myself know this and this should have been the focus of the article to point out generally AD dollars are linked to review scores on media outlets/

    They’re are few and far games that have an amazing review score that haven’t already been pushed by their publisher. All media require support from their sponsors.

    While I still read IGN, thjeir article and reviews don’t hold that much wieght with me anymore especially since every new installment of COD gets 9.5 WHEN IT’S THE SAME GAME EVERYTIME!!!! I prefer metacritic because it uses different media outlets scores and user reviews. IT’s the best of both worlds.

  21. 7.8/10
    Medal of Honor-Warfighter. A fitting name indeed. In the campaign you see through the eyes of one of our nations unsung heroes. The campaign is slightly shorter than i would prefer but that doesnt mean its not worth playing. It all revolves around one soldier in particular, “Preacher”, and how the war has affected him. Being a part of this war as really torn and stressed on his marriage, but thats not the only hardship he endures. The story may be a little hard to follow for some. It switches between different soldiers and fighters to see the effect it has on other people and give an outside look not just from Preacher. Though the game heavily relies on infiltration and wiping out masses of enemies, thats not all the campaign has mission wise. The story, personally, really tugged at my heart strings and i enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Now the multiplayer, to me, is the games strong point. Its very team based but thats not to say you cant go alone and still do fine. It runs on score streaks which is nice for those who arent about just running around and killing. It runs with squads of two, so you have a friend to spawn on and also sticking together give you extra points for what your squad mate does. There are six classes to choose from all ranging with their own guns to unlock, skill streaks, and utilities. Also each class has different “nations” to unlock and choose from. Choosing a different nation has its own benefits, like different side arms and attire. Theres a good variety of game types to choose from and with the change of some game types the lay out of the maps change. The maps are great, indepth, and have a great setup for any class you choose. Incorporating destructive covers, a plethora of awesome skill streaks, accuracy based actions, and enough weapons to stir up the giddy girl inside us all i highly recommend anyone looking for a good well rounded shooter give Warfighter a go.

  22. To all the Nay-Sayers who are chiming in. Unless you are inside the gaming industry, can you really defend what you don’t know. I understand people have their favorite source for gaming news, but that does not mean the news is provided without any basis. In the end trust your own review, rent/buy/borrow the game and make the determination yourself.

    Having owned and played MOHW, I feel all the reviews are unjustifiably low. Not just IGN’s review but all of them. And it is my opinion that the low reviews are a childish backlash from gaming journalists because they did not get a free review copy of the game two weeks prior to release.

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