Nintendo to Sue PETA Over Animal Abuse Claim?

PETA has recently attacked Pokémon Black and White Version 2 for the reason of them believing that Pokémon was promoting animal abuse. More information about the fight can be found here. The animal activist group had made a statement regarding the problem that was as followed:

“Pokémon are treated as unfeeling objects and used for such things as human entertainment and as subjects in experiments. The way that Pokémon are stuffed into pokéballs is similar to how circuses chain elephants inside railroad cars and let them out only to perform confusing and often painful tricks that were taught using sharp steel-tipped bullhooks and electric shock prods.”

Weather you believe the statement to be turn or not is your own judgment. Over the past few days Nintendo has responded to PETA’s statement:

“Nintendo and The Pokémon Company take the inappropriate use of our products and intellectual property seriously.”

Is this Nintendo’s way of threatening to sue a charity? This is a serious subject but in all honesty would it be fair to sue those who help animals over a petty jab at a huge corporation? Although PETA’s claim was presumably false to fans of Pokémon it would be best left alone than to threaten a charity in aid of animals. Inappropriate use of any company’s product should be prohibited but threats are not needed. This subject would be best to let go of and pretend never happened.

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  1. are you actually taking sides with PETA? have you heard how many of the animals that they “save” end up being euthanized?

    Nintendo isn’t the evil company, PETA is.

  2. Well, the thing is, PETA is evil. Their approach to animal rights is just insane.

    Also, PETA’s interpretation of Pokémon is just wrong. First of all, the Pokémon creatures consider battling a way to improve themselves by getting stronger and smarter. To them, battling is a competitive sport, and the trainers are the coaches. Saying Pokémon battling is animal abuse is like saying football is human abuse.

    Second, the Pokémon are capable of exiting their Pokéballs at will.

  3. I’m not against PETA in any way. But there’s much more to them to concern their self’s with than Pokémon. It’s a game/anime, the “animals” in there aren’t real. PETA did something they didn’t have to do, so is Nintendo doing. Who’s wrong?

  4. I hope they will sue peta. They always do some immature and verry stupid stunts (like the pokemon one) to let people talk about them.
    They are pathetic.

  5. Are you joking?

    The fact that they not only infringed on copyrights, but insinuated that their product is evil, is enough to sue for damages.

    This is obscene at best…

    I suggest you educate yourself because PETA is a disgusting organization.

  6. Hell No! Nintendo shouldn’t sue because that will only take more money away from PETA’s failing animal shelters but they should issue some sort of action against PETA’s bullshit. That wasn’t just “a harmless jab at a huge corporation” it was an uninformed attack. If this gets left alone, what else is PETA going to deface? In my eyes this is a case of Cyber bullying.

  7. PETA kills of 90-98% of animals they rescue and keep what money comes there way. Nintendo has every right to sue.

  8. PETA, seriously needs to back off. I think Nintendo should sue, Pokemon is their property and PETA is making a big deal over something that isn’t real. Some if the things they do is understandable, but fighting over Pokemon and cooking mama… Oi vey.

  9. they really need to sue them to make them shut up and stop thinking that just because a game has animals in it can not be considered abuse of a Pokémon is being shown as promoting animal abuse to the real word huh?!

    thats to stupid to even take seriously i think PETA is trying way to hard to get message out thats not even remotely close to what they are doing in the world

  10. They really need to sue peta. The game peta made can easily be found on the internet – by children – and could very well be traumatizing to someone who is very young and does not know better.

    Peta needs to know that when you do something wrong (like COPYWRITE INFRINGEMENT, TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT, etc) they will be punished for it, parody or not.

  11. My friend, you have your info about PETA terribly wrong, PETA does not seek to aid animals in fact it seems more like they’re out to kill them cause PETA has over a 95% kill rate
    And this is not going to go over looked, their are several people out their that will not let this go unnoticed & will not let Nintendo shrug this off & I am one of those people
    And it would not be best if we pretended this never happened, in fact that would be the worst possible thing to do, if we let this go who knows what PETA may attack next, maybe they’ll attack Sonic the Hedgehog or Tamagotchi
    Sir if we pretend this never happened PETA will just do it again
    Also I HOPE Nintendo does pull through & sue them

  12. Animal abuse? Find a little yellow mouse that can shoot electricity and go in a little ball then we will talk.

  13. Nintendo should sue the shit out of PETA, the less money they have the less money they have to do ridiculous campaign to “save animals” or dump blood on celebrities that wear animal fur as if that kind of thing actually accomplishes anything. You realize they kill most of the animals they “rescue”. Do some research and be pleasantly surprised. or not.. this is PETA and really nothing surprises me about what they do… You’d think if they had a real problem with Pokemon they would have bitched years ago, So why now? Oh I know.. because nobody has been paying attention to them. Their whole organization is a joke. Any steps towards getting rid of these assholes is a step towards evolution for all of humanity.

  14. Ninted

  15. Demon King Piccolo // July 15, 2014 at 2:29 am // Reply

    I am not against PETA in any way and hope
    Nintendo will not sue. Nintendo is a Japan
    company and know little of the good PETA does.
    But to PETA why take this jab at a gaming company
    Including one like Nintendo. Leave gaming to the FCC
    ESRB but if you have to go after gaming go after a game
    that at least lets you kill and skin animals. Not one that has
    humans and smart animals working together for a common

  16. combativeThinker // August 29, 2014 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    This doesn’t make sense.
    1. Pokemon and humans work together as equals.
    2. Pokemon can exit their pokeballs at will.
    3. Battling is literally how their species matures.

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