PETA or Pokémon, Who’s Side are You On?

As gamers, when reading a headline about a large group of people bashing a video game for no apparent reason, we are likely to get angry. A recent story shows that the animal activist group, PETA, has put Pokémon in the spotlight of their latest tirade. They claim that Pokémon is prompting children to abuse animals because of the way they battle their Pokémon. The group is taking things as far as to make a game titled, “Pokémon: Black and Blue” to get their point across. At first thought a gamer and Pokémon fan would probably be highly bothered by the false accusations brought upon a beloved franchise, however, is that really the case? As much as gamers want to fight against such an outlandish accusation, could PETA really have a point?

What PETA is saying is both stupid and actually true. First of all, Pokémon are creatures not animals; they have nothing to do with actual animals although ones emotions toward them can mimic those of how humans feel towards animals. Also a note to argue on gamers behave is how Pokémon level up and the motive of the actual game. The point is to grow strong as a trainer and gain bonds and experiences with your Pokémon; the way this is done is through battling and leveling up to some degree. It is obvious to any fan that those speaking out for PETA do not clearly understand Pokémon as most fans do. The point has never been to harm anyone or anything and often times that is the main aspect of most storylines in the franchise. However, in Pokémon Black and White Version 2, instead of having the classic good natured story, the plot is what makes PETA’s point understood.

Pokémon Black and White 2 follow the storyline of the Black and White games released prior. In these previous games, the player battled against an enemy known as Team Plasma. Team Plasma’s goal was to release all Pokémon, setting them free and helping them to never battle again. This team’s motive is actually somewhat ‘nice’ when not looked into deeply and not thought of from the point of view if someone who knows and understands the game. Team Plasma’s motives mirror those of PETA’s in real life.

Take a moment too drop everything you know about Pokémon; assuming you have been a fan for a significant amount of time. If Pokémon Black and White 2 was the first Pokémon game you were to ever lay hands on, would the understanding of how things in the franchise work be of knowledge to you? The point is of course fans are going to defend against the stupid accusations by an organization that has no business on picking on anything in the video game industry, but from the delirious point of view from most members of PETA things wouldn’t look so good when it came to the actual storyline of Pokémon Black and White/ Pokémon Black and White Version 2. Overall, PETA should stop worrying about things in the virtual world and continue to help the real animals in need.

PETA, we will always love you for your efforts on protecting animals. They need help and we support every amount of effort put into that cause but that’s for the sake of animals not the nonsense that takes place in video games. Please remember that we do support the fight against animal cruelty but would appreciate it if the efforts remained knowledgeable in that manner. Get real and address the issues that could save a life.

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