The Hardcore Gaming Dictionary Volume 1

After experiencing some individuals in the industry refer to the D Pad as the “cross” we have decided here at GamersBliss to take an in-depth look at some of the many terms used while gaming. This article is to help gamers become a little more hardcore as some of our roots tend to be lost in the generations of gaming past.  While this is an introduction to those ready to take their gaming to the next level don’t expect any hard terminology just yet as this is only the first volume in the series.

D Pad

The D Pad

D… as in Directional.

The Directional Pad or the D Pad as it is often referred to in gaming terms is one huge leaps Nintendo accomplished while developing their first Home Console, the NES.  The controller was small and could barely fit into an adults hands, however for gamers like myself the controller fit like a glove.  With Atari’s approach with home console gaming a joystick was used.  Yet in the mid 80’s a Japanese company known for making card games entered the market with a fresh idea for gamers.  It was called the D Pad (directional pad) that would allow players to control characters like no one has ever before.  The D Pad is so revolutionary, it is in fact still used for controllers to this day and has seen various iterations for pretty much every console ever made.



The digging is endless…

Shovelware is what you get when a console is easy to develop for and very popular.   The term comes from going to your local gaming retailer and digging through tons and tons of games that are in the bargain bin.  While not all of Shovelware is bad it is the excitement one gets when finding that lovely gem in the pile of excess gaming.  Most games in the bin will be under developed yet on occasion some titles like Beyond Good and Evil will make their way into the horde of gaming junk.  Leaving gamers frantically digging away for premium triple A titles that were slashed in order to make up for bad sales.  A perfect example of this is Max Payne 3 which saw an immediate price drop after failing to establish a purchase from gamers.  Needless to say that before you find a gem like Max Payne 3 you will have passed 30+ Duke Nukem Forever games.

Killer App

The Killer App

These games sell systems.

The Killer App is what ever company ever to release a console is looking for during the launch period or during the system’s life cycle.  Some of the Killer Apps list include: Super Mario 64, Doom, Sonic, Gears of War, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and more. While most of the games listed are first party exclusive’s it doesn’t mean that 3rd party developers can’t get in on the action.  With games like Metal Gear Solid being an exclusive to PS3 and Grand Theft Auto 3 coming out only for PS2 these are also considered killer apps.  Just don’t expect to see the hype for Red Steel (a launch title for Wii) to be on the list as it did move consoles but didn’t sustain the legendary achievement that a killer app will accomplish.


The Pixel Era

Remembering were they come from…

The genre that was video games starting with arcade games saw the industry have small roots as far as graphics were concerned.  Yet this era has nostalgia written all over especially for the gamers that gamed during that time.  With 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and even 64-bit games in our hearts.  Now days a new term called polygons has taken the industry by storm and allows for better everything as far as graphics are concerned.  Yet having remembered some of the legends to come from this era is not only important it is imperative to understand that gaming is just that.  Gaming!  We don’t want to lose ourselves in realism as this will only give us experiences we can have in real life, we need games like this one depicted as it lets our imagination run ramped.

Frames Per Second

Frames Per Second

The Single Player in Call of Duty games destroy the multiplayer when it comes to FPS.

First it was 30 FPS now it is 60 FPS.  Lets not get confused with the similar acronym however as the FPS we are referring to is not a First Person Shooter.  We are referring to Frames Per Second.  Which almost any game now days on console or PC shoots for the very realistic 60 frames per second.  Not only does it matter when it comes to gamers, it shows the performance of the game.  When a game runs smoothly at 60 FPS on you LED LCD TV not only do you feel in the action.  You feel like you are in gaming heaven  and that is exactly how gamers feel when animations for characters are ran smoothly.  It gives us a reason to be sucked in.

Remember that this is just the first Volume that focused on a NEWBS vocabulary and was made with the industry in mind.


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