XCOM: Enemy Unknown is A New Take on Modern Gaming for Players Old and New

After a phone conference took place about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the motivation, actions and elements of the upcoming release became clear. The press was joined by Jake Solomen, lead designer, and Grath DeAnglies, lead producer, to answer their questions about the XCOM franchise. Some of the things that were most interesting about the conference was how XCOM: Enemy Unknown is said to connect with the modern gaming generation and console players.

When you take a series like XCOM, the first thing someone would think of is 1994 and PC. With XCOM: Enemy Unknown the development team wishes the general PC and classic thought not to be the sole opinion players have on the game, although they also wish that way of thinking to be taken into consideration. Make a game like XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a tough job because of gamer’s perception of the series. This is a game that was strictly for PC gamers and those who are newer to gaming may not have a firm grasp as to what XCOM is truly about. What that means is the developer’s job was tough. They needed to find a balance between that older game for the PC; maintaining that older audience and merge that with a new take on the entire games. They also had to give players the option of platform of choice as this would dramatically shape sales of the game. The team needed to make a game that not only they were happy with but previous fans of the series loved as well as leaving the door open to any new players willing to try out the game.

In the conference, it couldn’t have been made clearer that this game was made for the fans of the XCOM series but meant for anyone to play. One of the most common controversies around this game is that it will be too hard to pick up for any players new to the strategy based genre. Lengthy descriptions of how the game was meant to be a new experience for all players were a common rout of discussion. One of the more pleasing aspects of this information is the news of the optional in-depth tutorial. For players who may be newer to this genre of game, particularly those who prefer console gaming, a detailed tutorial will be an option to go through; seasoned pros may choose to skip the tutorial and jump straight into the action.

This tutorial was said to be one of the more difficult aspects of the game to create, however, something the development knew was extremely important when it came to creating a game. With that being said, they had and will never intend on holding the players had throughout the game. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is completely unique in its kind and they wish to see players truly engaging and enjoying the challenging aspect of the game. Solomen and DeAnglies both want to see the players enjoying a challenge that they can handle on their own despite how though it may be to get through. Having the player try and accomplish is a rewarding feeling that will be more than evident when completing a mission in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

This is a genre that is rarely seen to this degree on consoles so XCOM: Enemy Unknown is thought of to provide a completely unique and new experience for players around the world. This is a game that will present a challenge and a game that although it is strategy based and presents a tactical look in a modern gaming world; it will be the type of challenge that will leave the player fulfilled. They have done exactly what they wanted with the game; brought back something old and made it seem like brand new. It is just in the matter of new and modern gamers giving this promising new experience a chance.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released on October 9th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Coming from a perspective of a gamer with little previous knowledge of the series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown seems like an extremely promising title that has a lot to offer gamers of all experience levels and platform choices, if they are willing to give it a try.

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