10 Things Fans Miss from Saints Row’s Past

Saints Row is one of those series that has change significantly throughout the years. It is a common complaint among fans of previous game on how cheesy Saints Row: The Third was while other newer fans love the new take on the series. Fans of past installments of Saints Row love to reminisce about what the series once was and those aspect of the past titles in which they miss the most. The change from Saints Row 2 to Saints Row: The Third was major and when it’s looked at as a whole The Third almost doesn’t seem like it’s a sequel to the second addition to the series. The games in the Saints Row series all differ in so many ways and yet it still has a significant amount of fans. Although there are many fans there are also many complaints on the change in the series. So what are the top things players miss most from the past installments to the Saints Row series? Are these thing people can expect to see in Saints Row 4 or will these beloved elements be left in the dust?

10. Standing still and having your character start to do something random:

This was when the player left their character standing nearly anywhere and their character would automatically start doing things like, fishing, smoking or dancing. There was a number of different things the character in Saints Row 2 could do that was not controlled by the player. After the character would make a remark about something then a few moments later they would wander to the nearest location and begin performing an action. It would have been nice if Saints Row: The Third expanded on the possibilities of what the character could do while just standing still but instead this element was greatly downgraded. The former fun of standing still in Saints Row was taken away with well, just a character standing still.

9. Forgive and Forget:

Forgive and Forget was one of the most unique features about Saints Row. This allowed players to get into whatever length and heat of a police chance or gang war that they wished and then pay a fee to get it to all be forgotten. Although the option to forget all your troubles is still available in Saints Row: The Third, it is on the player’s cell phone instead of a drive in location. It was neat to start a big chase and then map your way to a Forgive and Forget location; now it’s as simple as calling someone on your cell phone. At least it’s still possible to quickly get out of unwanted trouble it’s just not as complex or ‘Saints Row’ feeling as it once was. It was loved how the player could barley squeak by but still get through a Forgive and Forget; in a way this added a little skill to evading chases. This is one of the many aspects that were dropped out of Saints Row: The Third… maybe it wasn’t funny enough.

8. Violent story:

A huge difference in Saints Row’s story is has been noticed since Saints Row 2 to Saints Row: The Third. In Saints Row 2 the main character had this ruthless violence to them that nearly every fan could feel empowered with. It was jammed packed full of moments that made the player think ‘Oh my god he didn’t just do that’; these where moments of violence that actually made a smile etch across the gamers face. The feeling of revenge was completely apparent in most players. It’s what made them love the story as much as the over the top humor which was still present in Saints Row 2. Saints Row: The Third had a story that reflected more of a sell-out than a violent gang. It diffidently embraced humor but turned its back on the story its true fans craved. Humor isn’t everything. It was the drama of the series past and the love from Saints Row and Saints Row 2’s fans that made The Third possible… remember that Volition!

7. Running into characters from past Saints Row game in activities:

If there was one thing about the connection between Saints Row and Saints Row 2 that fans loved was how characters from the first game were around the second game. Important characters from the first game were placed in activities and things in the second. Even walking around the streets in Saints Row 2 the player could hear random people speaking of events from the first. That is an aspect that was also dropped from Saints Row: The Third. Although there are slight references made by random people on the street it was nothing compared to what was connected in the first two installments. This is something that could be so easily looked over but it is also something that players tended to connect with and ended up missing in Saints Row: The Third.

6. Crib customization:

One of the more enjoyable and yet off the wall elements in Saints Row 2 was the ability to customize your crib. The options weren’t all that great, nor where there very many, but at least it was some way to personalize your space. In Saints Row: The Third, the player is given a house and or steals the crib without adding any of the player’s personal personality to the space. There were a variety of different cribs in Saints Row 2, all of which had different elements and styles to them. The player was able to slightly upgrade the crib if desired, making the area just a touch more personal. Instead of expanding this aspect of the game it was nearly totally cut out. It wasn’t like the player should be spending a whole lot of time at the crib; it was just a nice part that was kind of missed in Saints Row: The Third.

5. Stillwater:

The first two games took place in the city of Stillwater. Although there were differences in maps from the first Saints Row to Saints Row 2 the city was still generally the same. The player got to know their way around great despite the slight differences. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and The Third was taken to a new city. It was probably the best for the series that the map did change so that the players didn’t get bored of the same surroundings, however, that doesn’t make players miss what the city once was. With that being said, there is also the slight possibility of the next installment to the series returning to Stillwater; in which a few new gangs conquered while the Saints spent time in Steelport. Just a rumor but a cool one at that!

4. Multiplayer:

An online multiplayer mode was completely cut out of Saints Row: The Third to make more room for activities and of course the renowned co-op mode. The sad part about that is how loyal of a fan base loved Saints Row and Saints Row 2’s multiplayer. There may not have been the largest fan base online every night and there was actually a chance of running into the same people online but it was an aspect about the games that no other game had anything on. This was a multiplayer mode that allowed players to completely customize their player to look however they please and take that player to go kick some ass. There were objectives and killing of other players that was completely in the essence of Saints Row. The multiplayer mode didn’t return in Saints Row: The Third and for some reason it’s not likely it will return again. It was a completely unique experience that is and will be greatly missed.

3. The old Shaundi:

Shaundi used to be one of the most enjoyable female characters in gaming. She was laid back, cool, comfortable and confident. Shaundi was cute in appearance, maybe not the sexiest woman out there but there was still something about her that was still attractive. Her appearance wasn’t what she paid most attention too yet it was still there. In the end, it was both her look and attitude that made her so appealing to fans. Every aspect of her character was executed perfectly for the role she was playing. With the arrival of Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi not only got a make-over to give her a sexier look but her attitude also changed. She no longer had that fun-loving vibe as she once did. She was more of a stuck up prude when it came to communicating with her in Saints Row: The Third. It’s more than upsetting to see that a character like the new Shaundi came from a girl that only cared about being herself. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

2. Drugs, alcohol and food:

In Saints Row: The Third the options to drink or do drugs at any moment the player pleases was taken away for the larger thrown weapon menu. The main character is Saints Row 2 was able to get drunk or high whenever they pleased, and funny actions and slogans came with their intoxication. Unfortunately, the ability was replaced with a variety of thrown weapons. The addition of the thrown weapons menu instead of the extra menu also took away the classic Saints Row way to regain life by eating food. No more drugs, no more drinking and no reason to go to Freckle Bitches. The player used to be able to go to restaurants like Freckle Bitches or pick up food off the ground to regain health. It was a classic video game take on this open-world crime game and something players quickly grew accustom to. The subtraction of this in Saints Row: The Third actually made the game feel less gangster to some extent. It could be believed that Saints Row: The Third intent was to have less of a gangster feel by the way it turned out but having no drug and alcohol really took away some of that ‘forbidden’ feeling when playing Saints Row.

1. Johnny Gat:

You can’t have a “what’s missed about Saints Row” list without adding Johnny Gat. Yes, he was in Saints Row: The Third but his early ‘death’ really didn’t do anything for the game. Gat was one of the most loved characters in the gaming industry among fans of the Saints Row series… so a Saints Row game without him hardly felt like a Saints Row game at all. Although most people probably expect to see the character return at some point, it is still something to make a fuss about. Why bother making a game in the series without Gat. The death of Gat took every moment that could have ended up ‘badass’ and made it less impacting. Hopefully Volition learned its lesson and will make the character return in Saints Row games to come. If they don’t let the character return the simple fact that he died at the very beginning of Saints Row: The Third in such an insignificant way could end up killing off any fan of the series previous to Saints Row: The Third. Johnny Gat was just that important to the series.

What do you miss most from saints Row’s series past? Leave a comment in the box below to join in the conversation. Hopefully, the community’s voice will be heard and some of those things that we miss from past installments of the series will be seen in Saints Row 4.

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