Didn’t Make it to ComiKaze? Here’s What You Missed


Stan Lee’s second annual Comikaze Expo took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend. Fans lined up early in anticipation of the event. Lines wrapped around the building for people just waiting to enter the convention center to witness the mysteries of Stan Lee’s growing Expo. Comkaze is Los Angeles’s largest pop-culture convention, gaining more fans each year.

One of the biggest attractions at this year’s expo was the Comikaze Zombie Apocalypse Escape. Zombies infested a 75k square obstacle course chasing down survivors. It was an obstacle course designed for all skill levels. Fans were able to purchase a ticket to run through the course or could have bought a ticket online before the event to be a zombie chasing people down in the obstacle course. Guest of the show that did not feel like running the course were able to watch from a quarantine zone. Overall, it would have felt more like a real zombie apocalypse if there were more zombies. From the quarantine area it looked as if there was at most one per obstacle. A more realistic seeming zombie experience would have been very exciting however what was seen was still interesting; just not as exciting as it could have been.

Comikaze Zombie

The biggest thing in gaming at Comikaze was Activision’s booth. The booth featured 007: Legends, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and the new Deadpool game. At the booth fans were able to sign up to win a 007 Prize pack. Other than the Activision booth, there were many places to purchase video game merchandise. Unique posters and art work from various video games were available. There were many different pins and buttons from several different games available to purchase as well.

Cosplay was popular at this convention as it is at most pop-culture conventions. Many video game themed costumes were spotted all around the show floor. Some of the best spotted by GamersBliss were Link carrying a Cucco on his head, Borderlands bandit with Lilith, and Fox McCloud from Star Fox.

Comikaze cosplay borderlands

There were many other things to do around the con as well. Harry Potter fans were able to watch or participate in a game of Quidditch. The cast of Faceoff were on site showing off their special effects make up skills. Each member of the cast created unique monsters. On a large stage attendees were able to take part in a blind dating segment. Men sat on one side while women on the other with a large curtain in between. There were two museums on the show floor featuring Stan Lee and Elvira. Stan Lee himself was well as other celebrities were at the show. Adam West, Todd McFarlane, Elvira and more were all signing autographs.

Comikaze will take place November 1st through November 3rd, next year in 2013. Considering that the convention is growing in popularity each year, next year should be even bigger!
Check out the video below for other things that you may have missed.

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