Could GTA V hi-jack its way onto Wii U?

GTA V has been making huge headlines of late with tons of news about why the title will come out this holiday season.  Which we actually even thought for a minute, that it, might be true.  Yet with all the buzz surrounding the title ever since its initial reveal trailer not much more has been released about the game.  With only screenshots being released to the public and only 2 on the official GTA V site perhaps Rockstar games had a conference call for another reason?

The Game Developer might be talking to Take Two (the publisher) to see if they can hi-jack their way into the Wii-U library!  All in all it does make sense since Manhunt 2 came out for the Wii.  The game received great reviews and was one of the more Hardcore titles for the system.  Yet other than that title coming out for the Wii no other hardcore  titles from Rockstar like Red Dead Redemption or GTA IV was ever released on the system.

Whats on your TV Screen!

This could be your TV Screen and below would be your tablet screen!


The screen that could be on the Wii U Tablet!

Are times changing due to the huge reception to the Wii-U?  Seeing that GTA V still  doesn’t have a release date this could be a very possible!  Would you want to play GTA V on Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 or PC?

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