The Next-Gen Console Wars has begun

Sony and Microsoft may still be back in the stone age of last generation.  Both console makers could be playing catch up after Nintendo’s briefing to the world on Wii U.  And yes just like I predicted Nintendo didn’t pull any punches!  With that said let’s take a look a couple of chess moves these players in the Console wars might and will make during the road to E3 2013.  Yep I said it, don’t expect any concrete super next-gen console news to come out until then.  Seeing that we are almost a world away from that time, key moves by Sony and Microsoft must be made during this holiday season that will help shape the future of next-gen consoles with no hardware specs involved.


Let’s begin with the most predictable Sony.  The choices this “Station” maker will need to make are crucial.  Especially after having one of the WORST press conferences seen in the industry, aside from Ubisoft’s god awful Caffeine man. Sony’s conference was sculpted around The Wonder Book, oh you Sony fanboys don’t remember that do you?  I have something similar to a wonder book… It is CALLED 3DS AR CARDS!  Don’t get me wrong I want every company to succeed in the gaming industry (Except EA and Activision) but if Sony whats to play with the Big boys, it has to stop playing with the kiddies.  Compare Sony to Catholic Priests with children here… ewww.  This was also highlighted at the end of the conference with the Last of Us trailer.

So what can Sony do? Easy release the much rumored PS3 12GB hardware.  As of right now there are only rumors surrounding the web about a PS3 12 Gig surfacing at TGS.  And well what better event to do it at?  With Japanese gaming falling fast the Tokyo Game Show needs something BIG!  Yea, Nintendo wanted their own special time for the spotlight and that is fine.  But if Sony does unveil a PS3 that is cheaper and marketed better than the Wii U.  Some moms and dads that are shopping this season after going to 25 different GameStops will finally give in and buy a PS3 12 Gig.  This clever move is a for sure thing that will help establish a foothold for the straggling gamers that have not picked up a PS3 yet.  Also bringing fresh and new titles to a possible Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii consumer.

Could this be the SuperSlim PS3 12 Gig?

Could this be the SuperSlim PS3 12 Gig?

After the successful release of the PS3 12 Gig Sony will be able to collect their thoughts and focus solely on Next-gen, much like Nintendo did with the Wii and Wii U.  Unveiling a super system will ultimately be a terrible thing for Sony however.  Lets face it the power house that is the PS3 needed well less power this generation.  With high development costs for games hurting the console rather than give it the library it truly deserves.  As well as a high price of entry for gamers.  We also need to look at the PSN, the service has changed significantly since the release of the service.  This is especially found in Home one of my favorite things about the system, after Sony did finally get it right!  So the question is will the PS4 have a reserved spot for your home?  In order to be in mine big things need to happen since Sony was the Gamecube of this generation.


This company and its future is well a little hard to read.  With rumors that some how Valve is involved with the system, makes me think it is a smart decision.  However other rumors amongst industry professionals seem to state that Valve has its own piece of hardware coming out.  Either way even if the Xbox 360 is currently on top Microsoft needs to step the game up.  At E3 2012 that’s what they did, with games like Halo 4, Gears of War Judgement and other exclusive 3 party content coming with in 6 months of each other it is hard to tell if the Xbox 360 will fall of its high horse yet.  This will all depend on the reviews, the games, and whether Nintendo can actually sell a HD Wii with a Tablet.

If Nintendo does pull it off and it is safe to say that it will. Microsoft will need to act fast in order not to lose gamers.  While I am expecting Microsoft to enter the console wars last it will definitely hurt in the long run.  After all look at what Sony did with PS3.  Still the Next Xbox (I WILL NOT CALL IT 720) Durango is well under way.  Yet it seems that the company is trying to do TOO much with the system.  With Ocular 3D glasses being big for the PC, it is still not even then it is not out yet, THERE IS NO REASON TO JUMP ON THIS WAGON RIGHT NOW.

Hello Halo 4 welcome to 2012 holiday release!

Hello Halo 4, Welcome to 2012 holiday release!

Recent drawings of some kind of interactive room scare me and it should scare gamers.  With Microsoft taking a step a little to far could ruin and cripple the new-born gaming giant.  Remember the Xbox name just hit its 11th birthday that doesn’t mean it will be around for another 10 plus years.  The only thing Microsoft can do right now is continue to dominate this generation and hope gamers will adopt the next-gen of Xbox.  Yet with an aging system and a pretty Wii U with 51 launch titles that might prove to be a problem, ESPECIALLY with the news that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be on the system.


You may remember that Nintendo also had a blunder similar to Sony, the only thing different is that Nintendo’s Captain, Shigeryu Myiamoto couldn’t get that damn Wiimote to work for Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Yet the company took a step back stayed cool and waited patiently to make an industry shaking announcement with Wii-U a year and a half later.  Hmmmm I wonder if this is why nothing was said at E3?  Nintendo is known for getting things right, have you ever returned a Nintendo Console?  I have never heard such a thing happening ever!  Don’t expect the Wii U to have red rings to the blue screen of tablet death either.

Could all of these characters make a franchise appearence at E3 2013?

Could all of these characters make a franchise appearance at E3 2013?

If Sony and Microsoft are direct competitors next holiday season expect Nintendo to take 2013 by storm.  Zelda, Metriod, and 3rd party titles galore.  Seeing that the system is so easy and cheap to develop for this will be one of the favorites for 3rd parties.  With that said expect a library of possibly over 150+ titles in just under 1 year of being released.  Now that my friends is more epic especially knowing that only one Call of Duty, one Assassins Creed and one Madden title will be included in that list.

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