Wii-U brings your TVii to life!

Famed Reggie Fils-Aime  just announced the inclusion of  TVii on Wii-U. The new collaboration of your TV/Wii-U brings all your  DVR, Netflix and live TV together in one place accessible via the Wii-U.  The new TVii application for your Wii-U will be free of charge unlike other Apps that have been included on other Consoles!

With the Wii-U GamePad you will be able to interact with all your entertainment needs for TV remote options, Netflix and DVR menus, as well as live social networking features that in some cases may even directly interact with what’s on TV. Nintendo showed a clip of live sports updates, including play maps, quick comments, and other interactive features.  Are you excited for the new TVii?

[youtube id=”08O0G9CjcI8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Do you believe that Nintendo finally wants to compete with Sony and Microsoft?  It seems that the Japanese based company is ready to throw blows as this uncalled for announcement will be sure to get the attention of Sports Fanatics, Reality TV show whores, and Anime Geeks very happy!

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