Mr. Know it all – End a Franchise, Start a Fanboy Rebellion.


We live in an age of Googles, Bings and Asking Jeeves.  Even though the latter really doesn’t apply anymore.  But with that said it seems that every tech savvy person has become the unorthodox know it all.  While this is good for putting air in you tires or how to breathe better it doesn’t quite mean it is better for gaming.  This will be a series of rants and raves made by me, Shaun Ray.  Don’t like it then don’t read it.  Be warned the following will have very straight to the point opinions that may offend people.

The Mass Effect 3 Ending

Let’s take this game for example I know a little to easy.  But do you fanboys of the title really think you know what goes behind developing a game.  After all this is the end of Shepards trilogy.  Do we really need 14 different Mass Effect games, this is Mass Effect after all not Call of Duty right?  How dare you take up arms against a team that has been striving to make you, the gamer, a good game for the past 3 years.  Only to ridicule and judge a game by its lackluster ending.  Seriously did anyone get pissed when Frodo went into the ocean to die of starvation?  Probably not they just got pissed off that Peter Jackson made us go through 30 minutes of Ending.  I bet you got pissed when you picked up a 60 dollar Naughty Bear but the Store you bought it from didn’t take it back now did it?  Yep I don’t see you going to forums on that one…. ohh yea your reputation is on the line right?  Don’t want to look like a retard in front of all your little forum fanboys.

The point of the matter is this, don’t you get tired of doing the same damn thing day in and day out?  Well people who make games go through the same thing and it is a damn shame when fanboys who probably play a little bit too much of one franchise to begin with get to choose how someones piece of art looks.  Its like having your mom over your shoulder telling you how to play Tetris… Stop it mom I know where I should put the yellow square… Yep you just got compared to the person that yells at you for not taking your trash out.  I really hope the dev team behind Mass Effect gives me a totally new experience next go round than another Space Odyssey, BECAUSE I PLAYED THAT 3 TIMES ALREADY.  Please Dev’s don’t listen to fanboys, just look at MW3 you gave them exactly what they wanted yet you didn’t create an experience for the gamer you made an experience for the fanboy.  Maybe we should shut up and do what we do best and play video games.  And you wonder why America is on the teeter totter that it is on?  Well maybe if more people shut up and do the work than say that these 150 ideas are better ways to work… You think people never thought of that before?  There is a reason why things are done the way they are.

Gaming is entertainment, not an open forum.  Games should not be able to be altered from their original state because if they are it will end up like the King James Bible (28th Edition)  And lets face it who can make sense of the stories in that book.  Yep just happened Rant over!

Mr. Know it All.

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