PS All-Stars Battle Royal: Is it too much Like Smash Bros or Just Right?

Players can’t help but compare games to other games. One of the largest comparison going through the video game industry of the recent months have been the comparison of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. These are both games with a similar motive for the player and for that the new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal is receiving a whole lot of negative attention. Nintendo had started a game so similar to what Sony is trying to pull off; the gathering of the console exclusive characters in a brawl setting to battle against one another. It became a huge hit among Nintendo fans and all gamers alike. Although both games are very much so similar is there a reason to hate PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal past the comparison it has to Super Smash Bros?

All in all, fans shouldn’t show hate for either game. Why? Both PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal and Super Smash Bros are unique titles. Of course, not in the sense of distinctive in game play because the whole fundamental of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal was pretty much stolen from that of Super Smash Bros but because of the characters. Sony is attempting to make a game with all of its fan favorite exclusive characters for its fans just as Nintendo started with theirs. Those who play PlayStation may not play Nintendo and by taking that into account PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal is a completely new experience for them. If you are a Nintendo fan, don’t bother with Battle Royal because its intent isn’t to please you.

When taking the target audience into account, Play Station All-Stars Battle Royal shouldn’t receive as much hate as its getting. All in all, they are two different games with the same objective, different fan base and different characters. In reality it’s a smart move for Sony and a lot of Sony fans are in full support of it. It wouldn’t be a bad idea of Microsoft to follow in both Nintendo and Sony’s footsteps.

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  1. I completely agree.

    Should people hate on Modern Warfare because it’s a FPS and Wolfenstein 3D did it first? Ok, the time frame might be a little off but that’s besides the point. Should there be no more racing games after Mario Kart? No 2D fighting games after Street Fighter? No RPGs after the first Final Fantasy? Should Darksiders never have been made because hey, there’s God of War right there!

    Absolutely not! The difference is all in the enjoyment that we, the gamers, will get from the game itself. That is what will stand the test of time.

  2. After I played the PSASBR beta and realized how different this game is compared to Smash that whole mindset went out the door. This game is the same concept: 4 Player, Platform fighting, console exclusive characters. But the fighting styles in PSASBR are vastly unique due to the characters movesets.

    In Smash Bros Brawl I felt like I could play as anyone on the day of release when I bought it at the Mindnight Release at Game Crazy.

    Put the game in, selected Diddy Kong, and went straight to work. Maybe because I’ve played previous Smash games. This also means that Nintendo didn’t change much of their fighting formula other than the Smash Ball attacks that I rarely play with.

    When I first stepped in the PSASBR Beta I selected Radec. ‘Oh **bleep**!’ No Bueno! So I gave Sweet Tooth a try and he stuck with me the majority of the beta unfortunately. But the fighting styles of each character is so different that you will not be able to master them so quickly.

    Plus PSASBR is a Combo game where Smash isn’t at it’s core. So it was easier in Smash to beat opponents with any character due to thier heavy smash attacks and Spike moves which was easy to remember.

    I can’t wait until this PSASBR beta opens up again so I can get my fix lol

  3. How could Microsoft follow suit? I love Xbox but who is there thats exclusive? Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable are really their only current big exclusive games. They have focused too much on other crap like Kinect and not enough on 1st party titles

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