Five Things to Look Forward to in The Sims: Supernatural

If you’re a Sims nerd like I am, you’ve played the game for what seems like 30 minutes. Then you look at the clock – it’s been 4 hours. Now they’re back to take even more of our time with the release of The Sims Supernatural on September 4th. Here are five things to look forward to:


Ready for the zombie apocalypse? Your Sim can be part of it. By mixing a certain type of elixir, you can stumble around town in search of delicious brains. If you want to return to the world of the living, no worries –  you can always change back.

Fortune Teller and Beekeeper Careers

Does your Sim have “the gift” or just an unnatural affinity for honey? Either way, you can get some Simoleons out of it. Refine your psychic powers to become a true fortune teller, or go the way of most “psychics” nowadays and fake it. If your Sim decides to be a Beekeeper, they’ll be able to harvest honey and make candles – just watch out for stings!


Being a fairy comes with glowing skin, fairy dust, all sorts of cool special abilities and your very own set of wings! You can fly, live in a fairy house and give your friends gifts with magical effects. As you progress, you’ll unlock new powers, like being able to shrink broken objects for easy repair and making other Sims’ clothes disappear – as long as you have enough in your magic meter.

Moonlight Falls

In the new town, Moonlight Falls, supernatural Sims will feel right at home. Build a Gothic style house to suit your character’s darker side and be sure to check out the fairies’ unique abodes. During the full moon, werewolves transform, zombies burst out of the ground and other strange things happen all around town. Witches and fairies will enjoy an increase in power, and even some normal Sims will feel its effects – for better or for worse!


Your Sims will be able to mix a variety of potions, including Energy Stabilization, Nausea/Anti-nausea and Skill Boost elixirs. Throw good ones at your friends and harmful ones at your enemies! If you practice enough, you can become a Master Alchemist.

In only a few weeks, you can have all of this and more. However, you might need to warn your friends and family so they know that you’re still alive when you don’t answer your phone for 4 days.

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